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For those who have a Yoox discount code, they will be able to receive great promotions on the products that they have ordered as the prices will have been reduced once the code has been applied. Yoox are known for frequently sending their customers these great deals so that they can save some money on the fashion products that they have on offer.

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About Yoox

Yoox are one of the most successful fashion retailers in the world and this is largely due to the fact that they merged companies in 2015 and combined the Yoox Group and the Net-A-Porter Group into one. Both of these companies had worked separately for years to gain a lot of experience and success but the thing that allowed them to be able to take it to the next level was to bring themselves together and work as one.

Yoox Discounts

An important aspect to both companies was that the prices that they had set for their products were always made to be affordable for their customers and offers like a Yoox promo code were frequently available and the Net-A-Porter Group were also sending out similar kinds of offers. This mean that the merging of the companies was something that was very smooth as they were both already very familiar with their industries and they felt that the natural way to progress even further was to work in unison.

The two companies joining forces had a huge impact on the fashion industry and they have seen great success ever since they were established in 2000. They have made sure that they have made it to the top of fashion but more specifically, they want to be the place where everyone goes to if they want to receive fashion that is of a luxurious standard.

Together, they have managed to gain a total of 2.5 million customers who they consider to be loyal to them but every single month, more than 27 million people are visiting them for their services. These people come from all over the world so it was absolutely essential that Yoox had their website set up, otherwise they would not have been able to reach such a high number of people.

Since the merging with Net-A-Porter, Yoox have been able to base themselves in other countries, including Japan, USA, Hong Kong, China and many other European destinations. Their huge online presence has meant that they are able to make deliveries to more than 180 countries around the globe! Best of all, no matter where you are living in the world, you can still use a Yoox voucher code to receive discounted prices on the order that you have made.

Established Relationships

Yoox have managed being able to become one of the leaders when it comes to the luxury fashion industry because of the fact that they have worked hard over the years to ensure that they have kept good relations with their manufacturers and designers. Having the ability to work with them both closely means that a fantastic understanding between them and the company has been established and they know that they can fully trust each other.

The designers are the ones who are consistently working to create all of the products that you see Yoox UK selling, so it is of course vital that they are able to work well together. It has allowed for a natural flow of communication to be established between them and as a result, the team of designers have been able to become familiar with the types of luxurious fashion items that Yoox want to make available to customers.

Yoox have also gone out of their way to only hire the best of the best in regards to designers. If they had any doubts about a designer, the chances are that they would not have hired them for the job and this has led to all of the items they put out being of the highest quality and customers seem to fall in love with the new styles and designs that are put out on the shelves on a constant basis. They never want to stop being imaginative and thinking of inventive new fashion ideas.

Delivery Options

The following delivery services are available to customers:

Standard - £9 is the delivery cost and it takes 4-6 working days for orders to be delivered.

Express – You’re charged £12 to have items delivered in 2-3 working days.

Next Day - £22.50 if the cost to have order delivered to you the next working day.

Saturday Delivery – Orders can be delivered on Saturdays and you would be charged £32 for this service.

Offers, like a Yoox discount code May 2015 cannot be used to reduce delivery prices, they only give you discounts on the items you’ve purchased.

Following two are the alternatives of Yoox:




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