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People who want to be able to receive discounted prices on their orders can apply a Whistles discount code as the company sends them out to their customers on the occasion to give them the opportunity to save some money on their orders.

Whistles is a company who sell fashionable clothing items that are contemporary and they have based themselves in London. Jane Shepherdson, the CEO of the company, was inspired to build up Whistles whilst making sure that it was always focused on creating luxurious items of clothing which meant that she spent a lot of time with the team of designers to ensure that every single piece of clothing that they put out is up to scratch.

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About Whistles

However, with a lot of companies, this often means that the prices are higher. This is not the case when it comes to Whistles as they truly want their customers to get the best deals possible, therefore, offers such as a Whistles promo code can be used on every item that they have available.

Whistles Discounts

The Relaunch

The company had a relaunch in 2008 as they believed that they were heading in a direction that wasn’t what they had wanted. Ever since, they have become leaders in their industry and they are an inspiring company due to the fact that paying attention to all of the little details is an aspect that they take very seriously. Other clothing retailers have admired this and tried to change their standards, so Whistles is doing something for their industry as a whole rather than just creating new opportunities for themselves.

Jane wanted the relaunch to happen so that it could give her the chance to completely reinvent the brand and allow people to find out what the company was truly all about. As a result, they have managed to become one of the biggest companies in the country who have led the way when it comes to fashion.

One thing that remains the same however, are the prices that they have always stuck with. They do not feel as though they need to be charging lots of money for their products, instead, they are much happier to bring the prices down a little as that gives more people the chance to purchase their stylish clothes. A Whistles voucher code will always work when ordering items from their website, you just need to make sure that it is still in date because they tend to have a cut-off point where, after a certain period of time, the code will no longer be valid.

Men’s Collection

Up until 2014, Whistles didn’t have any options for men, but this all changed once they came out with their men’s collection. This was something that was highly anticipated because people were very interested to see how the contemporary and fashionable aspect of the company would mould together to create products that suited men. A Whistles student discount can be used on this collection as well for the younger customers.

The complex look of the men’s collection is something that they found to be very appealing and so did their male customers as they loved the style of clothes as there was something for every different occasion. There were clothes that were suitable for leisure as well as work, so just because it was a men’s collection, it didn’t mean that they were going to restrict them to only having a select few options. In fact, Whistles are always looking for ways on how to expand on their newer collections so that their male customers have even more choices.

Ethical Trading

Whistles are not just concerned with how well their company does in terms of profits, they also want to ensure that everything they are doing is within the ethical guidelines. They are a company who take the value of fair trading as something that is important to them as they want to remain transparent to others. Whenever the company grows, so do the people who they are working with as they are always taking care of the people and companies who work with and for them.

Every single one of their items is 100% safe for their customers to use and they are manufactured in places which are also completely safe. The people working in these factories are also treated very fairly and the working conditions are humane, so people do not have to worry about how the company is able to sell their products at such low prices.

All of what they do is ethical and fair, they have just worked extra hard to keep the prices low and give you offers like a Whistles discount code Grazia.

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