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John Smedley were established in the year of 1784 and they have been developing high quality knitwear for all these years. It’s safe to say that they are a company who know what they are doing as they have experienced a great deal of success over the years as they offer high quality items where a John Smedley discount code can be used for reduce prices.

All of their products are created in the UK and they are sold all around the world. The items that they have available to customers have been designed with longevity in mind, so customers know that the products they are looking to purchase are going to last them a long duration of time which adds a higher sense of value to the products.

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About John Smedley

They started out in Derbyshire, which was where their first factory was located and they are still working out of that very same factory today. The company takes their heritage very seriously but in the beginning, they were only creating simple fabrics and as time went on, they began to try out new things and began producing things that required a little more complexity. This meant that prices went up a little but you were paying for high quality items and a John Smedley promo code can be applied on all items for lower prices.

John Smedley Discounts

As it got to the year of 1914, John Smedley were having their items exported to many different areas of the world and as the years went on, they had managed to establish themselves as being one of the UK’s most well-known and successful companies who sold clothing products.

Many famous people loved the kinds of garments that the company was producing on a regular basis and the prices have always been a little high but a John Smedley gift code can be applied for better prices. People such as the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were amongst some of the most famous people who fell in love with the clothing brand.

During the 1980’s, they had become the number one option when it came to knitwear in the UK and 20 years later, they decided to make the decision to open up a store in London and ever since they have put all of their efforts into improving the company in any way possible. They are always trying to be innovative and come up with contemporary designs that they feel as though their customers would love.

Free Delivery

There is no John Smedley voucher code that can be applied to lower the prices of delivery as they have recently made the change to have all deliveries free of charge. This goes for customers who are living in the UK as well as the John Smedley customers who are living in different locations all over the world.

DHL is the delivery company who handle the goods once they have left the John Smedley warehouse and the company try their best to make sure that all items are delivered to your address within four working days. A lot of the time, they are able to have your products sent to you the next working day but this is not a guarantee.

International Deliveries

All of the orders that come from outside of the UK are shipped with the DHL express worldwide services where a John Smedley outlet discount code can still be used for better prices. It is a little more difficult for the company to specify a delivery time for customers who are in foreign countries as it varies depending on the country you are living in. However, a lot of the time, orders can be expected to be delivered within 305 days but customers should always allow 14 days in total for the products to be sent to them.

If it has been more than 14 days since you had made the initial payment, you can get in contact with the company and let them know of the situation so that they can help you resolve it. If it has been more than 14 days since you had ordered your item and it still has not arrived, you will be notified of what has happened and given the option to either wait longer for it to arrive or if you do not want to have to wait any more, they can give you a full refund. The full refund will be the exact amount that appears on the receipt, so if a John Smedley discount code had been applied, the full refund would be the discounted price.

If you would like to know where you order is during its transit to your address, you have the ability to track your order with the number that is given to you which can be used on the DHL website.

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