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An Accessorize discount code can be used on the company’s website to get excellent prices on clothing, accessory and jewellery items. They have been around since 1973 and it was during this time that the first store was opened up in London by the founder, Peter Simon and the reasons as to why he had decided to start this new company came from the inspirational experience he had whilst travelling around Asia. 

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About Accessorize

To him, this trip abroad was something that opened his eyes up and changed his life. When he returned back to England, he was determined to come up with a company that expressed all of the imagination and colourfulness that he experienced in Asia. But he also wanted the prices to remain affordable and this is still the case today as you can redeem things like an Accessorize voucher code for discounted prices.

Accessorize Discounts

One of the first collections of clothes that Accessorize made available to their customers included items made out of bohemian materials as well as cotton fabrics which had been loomed by people living in small villages in India. They used block-printing methods to add designed and more textures to their clothing which originated from artisanal backgrounds. Peter truly wanted to give the people of England a taste of the huge variety of clothes that are out there for them to try and he always made sure that the prices were not too expensive.

The company wanted as many people as possible to benefit from wearing their unique items of clothing and to make the prices even more affordable, you can type in promotional offers, such as an Accessorize promo code.

Inspired By Imagination

They have been given the opportunity to expand over the years and they now have more than 1000 stores dotted around different locations across the world. Their unique designs have been recognized by people from all over the globe due to the fact that the way that the clothing has been created is unlike anything people have seen before.

The colours that they use combined with the different fabrics and textures allow for a look that is truly one of a kind. Furthermore, a lot of the techniques that the company uses to manufacture their clothes come from the hands of people who are trained and who are specialists in what they do. So you are purchasing products that are of the highest quality without having to pay the premium prices for them, especially if you have an Accessorize discount code 2015.

Ever since the beginning, in 1973, the company have always been entirely focused on coming up with items that were inspired by creative and imaginative ideas. They are firm believers in the fact that there is a craft about the way they approach making their clothing and accessory products and as a result, many people around the world have recognized them for it.

For the People

Making positive changes around the world is something that they have accomplished ever since they were established. They are the founders of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) as they want to leave a legacy that is positive that can act as a leader or role model of sorts for other companies to see that they can also do some good whilst running their business operations.

Wherever their business takes them, they make sure that they leave a positive impact and each and every year, they give substantial amounts of support to projects that help to change people’s lives where they are struggling to survive. Showing their support for these causes has also gained them a lot of attention from other companies who feel like they could be doing more to lend a helping hand to those in need. 

They have a goal of making people feel a sense of fulfillment when wearing their clothes but best of all, they do not have to pay prices that they cannot afford for the items and to lower the prices even more, you may be given the chance, every once in awhile, to use fantastic offers, like an Accessorize discount code. If they can somehow improve the lives of their customers through their products, then they have done their job as that is one of the fundamental pillars that the company was built upon. A lot of companies out there are all about their profits, whilst this is of course something that is important for Accessorize, being a business for the people is something that they are more focused on. They are always looking for ways on how they can provide their customers with something that they can benefit from and they have managed to gain a loyal base of customers from these principals.



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