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This company is renowned for being the UK’s front-runner for being one of the best home shopping companies in the country, they conduct their business with an enormous range of popular brands for their customers to choose from at excellent prices and they often do a Julipa sale. Customers are able to get even better value for their money  during these periods. Customers can also use a Julipa discount code to save money. They are actually a trading style of the company JD Williams but Julipa offers customers a vast array of items to choose from their catalogues and they appeal to customers of all ages and sizes due to the fact that they pay close attention to how they design their clothes. The company wants to give their customers the guarantee that they will only be provided with the best value for products that will fit them appropriately; the reason as to why they can give this guarantee is because of the fact that they are specialists in developing larger sized clothing for women.


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About Julipa

Let’s take it back to the beginning, James David Williams is the founder of Julipa and he did so in 1875. He was one of the first people to realise the potential of the UK parcel delivery service and as a result he decided to take advantage of it in 1882, James liked the idea that he could simply send customers their items through the post rather than have them having to make the trip into the store, which is what the majority of people would have been doing back then. JD Williams now has more than 6 million customers and the total amount of people that the company employs is around 3500. The explanation for this great success dates back to James’ ideology of providing his customers with the most fashionable clothes that were fantastic value for money as well as the fact that he always made sure the quality of products remained high.

Julipa Discounts

It was towards the end of the 20th Century that many people started to notice just how remarkable the company was and it was from then on that JD Williams truly started to evolve into the company that they are today.

Redeeming a Julipa Discount Code

Once you reach the checkout stage, you will see information about your product which includes, the colour, size as well as the product code. Below all of this information there is a section that says “Add Promotional Code”, this is of course where you would enter your promo code, if you had one. Always be sure to type in your code as it appears on your voucher,it may vary slightly but some of them may or may not have a combination of upper and lower case letters along with numbers so take your time when typing your Julipa promo code.

Delivery/Shipping Options

For customers who want to have their items delivered to their address, the Julipa website presents them with a number of different option to choose from so they can pick the one that suits them best.

  • Their most used delivery option is the standard delivery which costs £3.50 and it is great for people who don’t mind having to wait 3-5 days for their order to arrive.
  • For the nominated delivery service, you are able to choose a day during the week that is the most suitable for you and your schedule. You would be charged £6.50 however you may or may not be eligible for this delivery option as it depends on whether or not the area in which you live is covered by the courier service.
  • If you wanted to have your product at your door as soon as possible, you would want to go with the next day delivery at a cost of £6.50. All you need to do is place your order before 9pm and you can expect to have it delivered to you the next working day, provided that your area is covered by the courier service. Also, if you made an order on Sunday, your item would be sent out to you on the Tuesday.
  • For customers who would prefer to have a Sunday delivery, you would have to make your order on the Saturday before 12pm and you would be charged £6.50.
  • There is also a click and collect alternative where customers do not have to pay anything apart from the price of their item, however, this is only applicable for orders that are more than £40 so you may want to consider when the best times are to use Julipa discount code.
  • When it comes to some of the bigger orders made by customers, they should be prepared to expect an excess in delivery charges as it costs the company more to deliver the larger orders to you. They simply need more workers to handle the order so that costs Julipa a little more compared to the more regular orders where they do not need as many delivery workers. But they always ensure to keep the extra charges as minimal as possible.
  • All of these rules apply even for items that may have been purchased in a Julipa Sale.

Julipa Returns

Julipa likes to keep their returns option as easy and hassle-free as possible by giving customers a range of returns preferences to choose from.

●You can arrange a return through a courier of your choice by arranging a collection through the Julipa website or you can get in contact with them by ringing their “Inquiry Line” and you will be directed through a collection of basic steps. Alternatively can ring up the courier service who delivered your parcel to you and arrange a return with them.

●Visiting your local post office and dropping your package off at your nearest branch is also a viable option. Merely attach the Royal Mail returns label on your package and your done!

●Hermes ParcelShops are open all week from early in the morning until late at night so just visit your local Hermes ParcelShop with a returns address and they will do the rest for you.

●If you wanted to return an item that was a part of a deal package, you cannot just return the one product, you must return all of the items involved in the promotion. For example, if it was a buy one get one free, you would need to return both of the products.

●InPost 24/7 Parcel Lockers is a fantastic delivery service for people who are very busy. You are able to return your goods anytime of the day or night, it’s an easy process; print off a returns address label to slap onto your package and drop it off with them at any time you want.

●Whatever option you choose to return your order, you must always remember to keep your receipt all the way up to when you receive your payment back.

●If you had used something like a , be aware of this when receiving refunds as you should be paid back the exact price you paid for your item. 


Other than return facility you can save money by utilizing Julipa discount code offer.

As an alternative to Julipa, try using House of Fraser discount offer for Men, Women and Kid's clothing; as well as footwear and accessories. 


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