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If you are a regular customer who shops with this company, it is likely that you have been given the chance to use a Hush discount code to give you unbelievable discounts on the products that you have ordered from them.

Hush are a clothing company who have an aim of creating something that all women can enjoy, no matter what their age is. They want to come up with clothing items that are fashionable however they don’t believe that you should have to spend lots of money and time so simply look your best! Ensuring that their customers are able to look their best whilst also being comfortable as well as not having to spend ridiculous amounts of money is exactly what they have always wanted to do. It is the main reason as to why they offer out great promotional offers, like a Hush promo code and so on.

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About Hush-uk

This combination of everything is what makes Hush such a unique company and it has enabled them to be able to make the fantastic progress that they have achieved over the years. In some ways, this clothing store is the opposite of what most other retailers in their industry are like in the sense that they are more concerned with making you feel good. Of course looking great is also a big part of that, but they also have also tasked themselves with creating clothing that gives you a feeling of happiness and fulfilment at prices that are low. That is why you can easily find a Hush discount code Mumsnet as a way of saving some money!

Hush-uk Discounts

The owner of Hush, Mandy, started the company back in 2003. She had the very optimistic idea that she could create her own clothing label as she sat there with nothing but her laptop and creative ideas at hand in her kitchen.

10 years after and Mandy has found that her company has been growing consistently and most importantly for her, she adores her job and what she has been able to achieve. Loving her job is one of the main driving factors towards creating designs for her clothes that are inspiring for her customers and leave them feeling happy after their purchases.

Staying Close to Customers

However, just because they have experienced a lot of success in recent years, this does not mean that they are looking to be one of the biggest clothing retailers in the UK. In fact, this is not something that Hush is concerned with as of right now due to the fact that they would rather be able to pay closer attention to each and every one of their customers and the needs that they have. If they simply wanted to become one of the biggest companies, it would most likely mean that they would lose that personal touch that they currently have with everyone who purchases items from them.

They would also not be able to have the kinds of amazing deals that they have on nowadays where you can often redeem promotions like a Hush discount code 2020.

But don’t mistake this with thinking that they are looking to just remain the same because each and every year, they are looking for ways on how they can improve the way they run things and they also want to make sure that they always love what they are doing. If something is happening within the business that they don’t feel passionate about, they will more than likely stop immediately and carry on searching down other avenues to get better.

Animal Welfare

Hush have dedicated themselves to only sourcing raw materials and that also goes for some of the fabrics that may have come from animals but they have stuck to an animal welfare policy. This means that everything that they source has derived from the highest quality and most reputable sources. So any animals that have undergone any type of distress will not be handled by Hush as it is not an integral way for them to do business and they are firmly against it and they go by the five freedoms act. Therefore animals who are hungry, thirsty, and uncomfortable or in pain will not be used as a source that Hush get some of their materials from.

Customer Service

At Hush, it is all about providing the customers with the best experience possible, that means they need to be 100% satisfied with the clothes that they have purchased but they should also feel welcomed when shopping.

Customers who may have anything they are not sure about can easily get in contact with the company to receive some sort of aid. Regardless of whether it be related to things like a Hush voucher code or if they are just wondering about the sizing and fitting of a certain product, the people working in the customer service department will be there for whatever the reason may be.


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