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The very first Gap store was opened up in 1969 by Don and Doris Fisher who had a pretty straightforward idea that they thought could change their industry. They simply wanted to make it easier for people to be able to get their hands on jeans without having to spend ages trying to shop around in an attempt to find a pair that, in the end, they didn’t really like anyway. The also wanted to keep the prices from getting too expensive so the jeans that they were selling were always priced suitably so that people could afford them and this is a part of the company that is still there in today’s world. Customers can purchase their items at lower prices by using offers that the company sends them, like a Gap discount code.

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About Gap

That very first store that Doris and Don Fisher had opened in 1969 has now expanded on a global scale. The company has grown and made themselves available to more and more people as the years went on and 46 years later, they had managed to acquire five big brands that they could sell. They include Old Navy, Intermix, Athleta and Banana Republic. These brands of clothes can be found in the 3300 Gap stores that they have across the world in 90 different countries.

Gap Discounts

They wanted to make their clothes as accessible to as many people as they possibly could and no matter where customers were making their purchases from, the company has made sure that discounts, such as their Gap promo code, could be used from anywhere. The company feels as though they have achieved their expansion goals, however, this doesn’t mean that they are going to stop where they are. Gap has plans to progress even further with their business by growing their e-commerce and website presence.

Delivery Options

Gap customers who are living in the UK can choose from a few different delivery services that the company offer with the main one being standard shipping. If you select this option, your orders would be delivered to your address within 3-5 working days, however, these are just estimated times of delivery. The actual time that you may receive your products in could vary depending on many different factors, such as their levels of stock or how busy they are. You would be charged £4 in total for this delivery service.

No matter what, they will always let you know when your items are on their way by sending you an email to confirm that your order is on its way and a time that you can expect it to be sent to your address. The Gap carriers only send orders to addresses that are within the UK and they are unable to make deliveries to BFPO addresses or people who are living in the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. These people, however, can still benefit from offers, like a Gap discount code Grazia, but they may have to use it in a store if they can’t have orders sent to them.

Express shipping is the other delivery option that you can select and you can expect to have your order delivered to your address within two working days. You will be charged a slightly higher amount due to the shorter delivery time, which would be £6.

During Bank Holidays, the carriers who deliver your items will not be able to do so. Therefore, any orders that have been made that were scheduled to be delivered on a date that falls on a Bank Holiday will be sent to you the following day instead.

If you have made an order which requires the company to have to send out multiple shipments, you will not have to pay extra as it still counts as one order, it’s just that the company have to make more than one trip to get them all delivered to your address.

Currently, there is not a Gap voucher code that can be used to reduce the prices of the delivery costs, your codes will only work on the products that you are buying.


If you are not 100% happy with what you have ordered, Gap would want you to let them know. You can return any products that have been products that have been purchased provided that they have not been worn or washed and you will be responsible for the amount that it costs to send the items back.

Products such as swimwear and jewellery need to be sent in seals that are hygienic otherwise the company will not accept your returns. But assuming that everything goes smoothly, you will be able to send your items back in return for a full refund where Gap will send you back the exact amount that you paid for your items. If a Gap discount code UK had been used, they would still refund you what you had paid and not the original retail price before the discount.


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