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Close to 18,000 employees work for Thomson to ensure that you, as a customer, are given the best holiday possible. They will always be willing to work with you to figure out the best prices and you could also be offered discounts such as a Thomson holidays promotional code which will reduce the price of your booking. They know that all of the little details when it comes to booking your holiday make all the difference from the experience you have to the price that you paid.

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About Thomson

Thomson have had one main purpose since they began in 1965 and that was to ensure that travelling to different countries didn’t have to be a luxury for only a small percentage of people. They believed that everyone should have the ability to travel to foreign countries so that they can see a little bit more of the world rather than just what they are used to doing on a daily basis.

Thomson Discounts

In the UK, many people would have had to be happy with a little trip down to the seaside where they could hardly enter the water because it is so cold. Thomson have given access to countless numbers of people who wanted to see what the weather, people and food are like in completely different countries.


Promotions and Staff

There are also, what seems to be like, a never-ending amount of promotional offers that the company hands out to customers once in awhile, for example, a Thomson promotional code 2020 can be used this year. However, it is very important to check the date of when your discount expires as there is usually a certain amount of time that you have before you it is no longer valid.

This is just one of the many ways that Thomson like to give something back to their customers for entrusting them to make sure that their holiday is the best that it can be.

40 years since the start and the company is still expanding and trying to reach as many people as possible and their members of staff are based all around the globe. In fact, as a travel company, Thomson have the most amount of representatives who are spread out across a number of different locations. They will be able to help you with absolutely anything you need wherever you are, the staff would do their best to direct you on things like how to best make use of a Thomson promotional code. 

You can book any type of holiday that you want by using the Thomson website. If you had a browse through, you would quickly notice that they have such an enormous range of various types of breaks that you can book, whether it be you are looking for a five star hotel or even a trip on a cruise, they have it all.  Customers are truly spoilt for choice and for some, the decision making may be a little too overwhelming but you can always speak to a member of staff who will point you in the right direction for what you are looking for.


Why Choose Thomson?

There are tons of different travel companies that people can choose from, so why go with Thomson?

Well for one, whatever the type of holiday you are trying to book, you can be sure that they will have the ultimate package deals when it comes to family trips or if you are just going away as a couple, they will never fail to give you the best prices depending on how you are travelling. Also, regardless of how many people you are going on holiday with, you can always benefit from using a Thomson promo code to bring the price down even more!

75% of the holidays that are available to book through Thomson can only be done with them. Most of the places that you are looking to book on their website are completely exclusive to them and their customers, meaning that it would be difficult for you to find the same sort of deals at another travel company.

Their customer satisfaction ratings are hugely positive with 94% of them rating their experience on holiday with Thomson excellent or good. This is due to the fact that Thomson go out of their way to go and take a look at the hotels before putting them up as available on their website. They know for certain that every single one of the hotels that they have on their site has been selected very carefully. A Thomson holidays promotional code can be applied to all hotels as well no matter what area of the world you are visiting.

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