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When it comes to travel companies, Thomas Cook are one of the most popular ones in their industry. One of the reasons for this is because they like to offer things like a Thomas Cook discount code for 2015 holidays where a lot of people can benefit from the lowered prices. The company says that their success is down to one person who had the dedication and motivation to take the necessary steps to take his company in the exact direction that he wanted it to do in. Thomas Cook started his company in 1841 as he wanted to be able to create a service so that people could travel abroad and in the beginning, he kept the scope of the business relatively small. He decided that the best way to progress his company forwards was to reach mini goals over a number of years as stepping stones to his overall aim.

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About Thomas Cook

Mr Cook never lost sight of what he really wanted to do which was provide the people of Britain with a service that enabled them to go to different countries and experience other parts of the world that they had no idea about. He also made sure that the prices were always fair as well and to this day, the company has maintained this standard. They even offer customers exclusive offers and deals, like a Thomas Cook discount code, which allows them to have the prices of their bookings reduced.

Thomas cook Discounts

His humble beginnings were only concerned with railway trips that gave more and more people access to travel across the country with ease. He kept on pushing for the idea to have railway travel made available to more areas and as a result, thousands of people were able to go from city to city without having to take into consideration how they were going to get from one place to another. All they had to do was hop onto a train.

During this time, Thomas Cook didn’t have any real intentions of turning over huge amounts of profits, he simply wanted as many as possible to have the ability to travel in their country without all of the usual hassle. One of the first major railway trips happened in 1845, during the summer, where he was going to take passengers to the city of Liverpool. This was something that had not been done before so it was an extremely ambitious outing. Thomas wanted this to be a real success, which is why he spent a lot of time beforehand in preparation to ensure that everything ran as smoothly as it could possibly be.

The tickets were sold at very low prices to passengers. The people who were wanting to stay in first class would have to pay 15 shilling and those in the second class were charged 10 shillings. Affordable travel is what he was all about and when booking your flights nowadays, you can use a Thomas Cook discount code 2015 to receive great value for money. In his thorough preparation of his first long journey, Thomas Cook had studied a certain route and he decided to publish it and hand it out to the passengers so that they could see where they were going to be going on their journey.

He had stumbled upon something that he probably didn’t know at the time would become such an integral part of holiday travel companies. Thomas had essentially helped to create the holiday brochures that we are familiar with in today’s ages. We get all of the information about our travels and destinations that we need to know about and this is pretty much a version of what Thomas had developed for his passengers back in 1845.

The Modern Day Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook in today’s world probably seems very different to how it was during the mid-1800’s, however, Thomas Cook himself had laid the groundwork that enabled the company to be able to build upon over a number of years. Without the work and persistence that had been applied during the early years of the company, there would not be a Thomas Cook travel company. One of the reasons why they offer a Thomas Cook voucher code is because it’s in light of Thomas Cook and his beliefs about pricing.

Even though he was only concerned with railway travel at the start, all of the principals that he had laid out are exactly the same nowadays. The only difference is that they are now providing customers with the chance to travel to different countries rather than just other cities, but this is something that Thomas Cook had always envisioned for his company from the very beginning, so it is fair to say that they have definitely done him justice.

Even the prices are something that they have kept reasonable and to give people even more value for their money, they sometimes send out offers, like a Thomas Cook discount code.

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