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When booking your trips through this company’s website, you may have been sent certain promotional offers and deals, such as an Irish Ferries discount code, which would bring the prices of your bookings down considerably. Irish Ferries are actually a part of the Irish Continental Group who are a division who have their targets set on becoming as successful as they can but when it comes to Irish Ferries, they offer a total of five different journeys that you can take with them.

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About Irish Ferries

They can take you on routes that cross over into international destinations, such as France and they want to give their customers the best experience possible. Therefore, they have made the decision, in recent years, to invest millions of euros into ensuring that the services and facilities that they have to offer are of the highest standards and quality. But no matter how much they decide to spend on improving themselves, they will never forget that they need to keep the prices within a range that is affordable for a lot of people and you will always be able to use things like an Irish Ferries discount code.

Irish Ferries Discounts

The investments that they have decided to make over the recent years have led to Irish Ferries becoming one of the most contemporary and modern ferry services in Europe. All of the money that they have put into the company has been used to develop new fleets, such as the Car Ferry and the one that they are proud of the most is the Oscar Wilde ferry which is one of the most luxurious ferry cruises that customers can experience.

When they are coming up with creating their ferries, they are always thinking of all the possible needs that their customer may have and that includes having room for vehicles such as cars and even freight units. Their farriers have designated areas where you can park your vehicles and depending on the size and weight, you may be charged extra for it, but an Irish Ferries voucher code can be applied on when booking your trip so that the prices don’t get too expensive. 

Irish Ferries have been hard at work over the years to provide people with a ferry service that is of the highest quality and as a result, the travel industry in Ireland have recognized them for all that they have accomplished. The “Best Ferry Company” has been won twice by Irish Ferries but they are also aware of the fact that their customers think very highly of them as well.

Outstanding Reviews

Customers of Irish Ferries are always leaving outstanding reviews on their website where they talk about how it was one of the best experiences they have had and how they would like to do it all over again. The routes that people are taken on are diverse as they can travel through different areas that they may have never seen before and all at prices that are low!

Especially if they have discount codes and there are a number of places that they can book their trips with Irish Ferries from, one of the main ones being Stena Line. They are one of the biggest ferry operator in the world and the fact that you are able to book time away with Irish Ferries via their website shows that they are a company who are trusted to give you a wonderful time.

A Green Company

At Irish Ferries, they are also aware of the fact that the type of travel they have to offer to customers can have some detrimental effects on the environment. This is not something that goes unnoticed by them and they have taken action to make sure that they can reduce the negative impact that they are having.

There are a number of different ways that they approach doing this, one of the main ones being making sure to use electric energy sources where possible instead of using up fossil fuels that are not renewable. Also, their ships can sometimes produce a lot of oil that can go wasted into the ocean, therefore, they have used oil recovery systems to make sure that they can be more efficient with their oil consumption.

Another one of the ways that they reduce spreading harmful toxins into the water is by using toxic-free paints on all of their ferries. Regardless of how much this all costs them, fantastic deals, like a Stena Line discount code, can be used when booking ferry trips with Irish Ferries as they want as many people as possible to have a ferry trip with them as they believe it is an experience that is worthwhile. They have gained a lot of respect over the years which has added to the amazing reputation of Irish Ferries today.


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