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A Sweaty Betty discount code can be applied to any of the products that you order from this company and the kinds of items they sell are largely based around fitness combined with fashion. The founder, Tamara, felt as though she wanted to make a positive impact and change to her life as she wanted most of her time to revolve around the things she adored most, and those were fitness and fashion.

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About Sweaty Betty

She wanted to be the head of a business that was true to her and the things she truly loves and there was no better way of communicating this to customers than setting up her own business. Tamara saw that there was a large gap in the market for fitness clothing that could be worn to workout as well as ensure that women still look good. Helping women to improve their lives whilst remaining stylish was her aim, the workout style clothes acted as a way for women to transform themselves both physically and mentally so that they can become the best version of themselves possible.

Sweaty Betty Discounts

Tamara wanted to have all of this possible but at prices that weren’t premium because a lot of people would be missing out, that’s why a Sweaty Betty discount code Mumsnet can be found on the website.

The idea of the name of the brand came up when Tamara was trying to figure out the most appropriate name so that people knew instantly what they would be getting when shopping with her company. She felt like Sweaty Betty was perfect because it shows that it is a mixture of working out but with a sense of sophistication as well and it is a catchy name that attracts a lot of attention.

Where It All Started

1998 was when the very first Sweaty Betty store was opened and she opened up fully prepared and stocked up. The store had everything that a fit and active women would want to purchase, from workout clothes, to swimwear and even ski outfits and the prices were always affordable. That is something that Tamara wanted to make sure was a staple of the company and nowadays, you can get your hands on a Sweaty Betty promo code which allows you to buy your items at lowered prices.

Just two weeks after the first store was opened, Sweaty Betty was coming up on a lot of people’s radars as the Evening Standard had said that the company was one that people should look out for. Three years after their first opening, the company was awarded with being “Sports Retailer of the Year” as more and more people started to understand what the business was about. Initially, some people were a little confused as to exactly what the company was offering, especially people from different countries but their styles soon became a hit. There is often a Sweaty Betty sale on, which of course helps to attract more people to the new range of clothing that the company has to offer.

The Online Market

Year after year, Sweaty Betty were growing and Tamara didn’t let her vision limit her to being complacent with where she had taken the company. Instead, she wanted to take her company to new heights by setting up an online store as she knew that this would make it incredibly easy for more people around the world to be able to purchase their stylish workout clothes.

When the website was being set up, they knew that it had to be easy for customers to use and they spent quite a bit of time trying to perfect it to ensure that it was the best that it could be.

They have actually won an award for how good their website is due to the fact that it is accessible to people from all around the world, so more people are finding out about Sweaty Betty and the innovative clothes that it has available.


Collaboration is something that she didn’t shy away from as she was constantly looking for the best ways on how to improve the reputation of workout clothes that are more fashionable. In 2015, she worked with Richard Nicoll, someone who is very famous in Britain for his fashion creations, and together, they came up with an amazing deals and  collection of clothing that gained a place at the London Fashion Week.

So the quality of products is something that the company takes very seriously but they are also aware that if they make their items too expensive, a lot of people will miss out on being able to wear workout clothes that make them feel confident. Therefore, the prices are always affordable and they also send out promotions, such as a Sweaty Betty discount code.

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