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At Orvis, they are always developing new products, which include items like pants, shirts, watches and socks; all of which an Orvis discount code can be used on to purchase them at lower prices. They take their creative process very seriously as they only want to be able to offer their customers the best products that keep them safe when travelling on foot for long durations of time or for those who are out in harsh conditions.

Whenever a new idea is thought of, they begin by making samples where each new product is reviewed in depth. If it passes this stage, it is then sent off to another department where it is tested to ensure that they can withstand the conditions in outdoor activities.  

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About Orvis

All of their products need to have the ability to perform properly out in the field, therefore, when they are being tested out in the field, they undergo being banged around, stretched, taken through waters and mountains and if they survive this process, they are good to go. If they do not, the company will take the items back and make any necessary improvements to make sure that it meets their standards. Products are only manufactured once Orvis are 100% satisfied with the items that they have created so customers know that whatever they purchase from the company, will be of very high quality.

Orvis Discounts

The prices are also fair, especially for customers who have offers, like an Orvis voucher code, to apply.

Customer Service

Orvis are very confident in the fact that their customer services department is always there to help customers with any issues or questions that they may have. They have been specifically trained to deal with certain issues that are specific to the products that the company have on sale which allows them to provide you with very informative guidance.

Customers can always take a look at the customer services part of their website first to see if their problem can be resolved there, but if not, they are encouraged to get in contact with the customer service team by giving them a call.


When you are buying items from the Orvis website, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products, regardless of whether or not you used offers like Orvis money off vouchers. So if you are not completely happy with the product that you have purchased, you always have the opportunity to send it back to the company.

You will also be given a full refund for the items that you want to return to them. However, you can also choose to send your item back in return for a full refund and all you have to do is fill out the form that was included in the original delivery. If things like Orvis coupons UK had been applied to the original item, this will not affect your ability to send items back to the company.

Customers would have to show proof that they had purchased the item, with a receipt. Without this, you will not be given the chance to have your item returned in exchange for another product, instead, they will give you an Orvis gift card with the amount of money that it cost you to purchase the product that you are returning. Using an Orvis promo code means that they would give you the amount that you had paid for the product, which would be less than what the retail price was.

Delivery Options

Customers in the UK are given a number of delivery options that they can choose from and they include the following:

●Standard Delivery – The estimated time of delivery for this service is between 7 and 10 days and you would be charged a delivery fee of £4.95.

●Multiple Delivery Locations – This is where you can have the items sent to more than one address and you will be charged £4.95 for each delivery address that you ask for.

●Next Day Delivery – This service is only available if the items that you are looking to purchase are in stock and you must have placed your order before 12pm between the days of Monday and Thursday. You would have to pay £7.50 for this delivery option but you may want to get in contact with the company to make sure that the item you are looking to purchase is in stock and can actually be delivered to you the next working day.

●Oversized Delivery – For certain items that are available on the Orvis website, they are particularly heavy or large which results in customers having to pay a delivery charge of £7.95 for each of items.

An Orvis discount code cannot be applied to lower the prices of deliveries as these codes are only applicable on the products.


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