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Attraction Tickets Direct were established back in the year of 2002 as they wanted to give people a much easier way of purchasing tickets for all sorts of attractions across the world. Therefore, they introduced things such as an Attraction Tickets Direct discount code for their customers to get the best deals possible. Skip ahead to four years later and they had become the first company ever to sell a total of one million tickets to the famous Walt Disney World in Florida in just a year. Ever since they have always tried to progress forwards and as a result, the British Travel Awards gave them the win for “best attraction ticket provider” four years in a row from 2008-2012.  

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About Attraction Tickets Direct

The best tickets at the best prices

Their website only offers the best services to customers by being entirely dedicated to being there to serve any clients and help them with any issues that they may have. They can provide their customers with advice every single day of the week (excluding Christmas day and times of some public holidays) from 9 in the morning up until nine at night.

Attraction Tickets Direct Discounts

One of the primary benefits as to why people tend to book their tickets through Attraction Tickets is because they can purchase gate-ready theme park tickets meaning that you would not have to spend a lot of time waiting around in long queues just to get some tickets to enter the park. If you need your tickets within a very short amount of time, they can send them out to you the following day. When ordering your tickets, you also have the option of entering an Attraction Tickets Direct discount code to be able to get the best offers possible. Another one of the ways that the company can help their customers to save money is by allowing you to pay in installments, so you do not have to pay for it all in one go.

You pay for exactly what you see as Attraction Tickets do not charge you for any extras or hidden fees that could take you by surprise. They do however throw in some extras that don’t cost you a thing, such as free tickets, tips to have the best holiday possible or even an Attraction Tickets Direct promotion code.

This company has a simple formula that has enabled them to become so successful in recent years; “Real tickets, Real value, Real fast.” Attraction Tickets Direct are renowned for being the UK’s biggest name to sell tickets for some resorts around the world, including Seaworld and Universal Orlando.

Real Tickets - Real Value

For customers who have bought their tickets through this website, they can expect to receive real tickets that have a barcode on the back which will give you access to their chosen theme park straight away, so there’s no time being wasted. However, if you happen to have an Attraction Tickets Direct voucher code, you will have to join the queue to swap your voucher for an actual ticket that can be used in the park.

Attraction Tickets Direct give their customers a price promise meaning that the amount they pay for their tickets through the website can always be guaranteed to be cheaper compared to gate prices. Also, if you find a legitimate company in the UK who is selling ticket prices for less than Attraction Tickets Direct, they will match that price although they do say that they want to be able to give customers something more to offer other than just good prices. The company wants the value to be an element that is present each time you purchase tickets through them, an example of this is customers having the option to use an Attraction Tickets Direct coupon code from BargainFox or having the ability to choose from a low deposit scheme. That means that whatever the price you were promised for tickets were, they will remain the same even with the addition of foreign exchanges. 


For customers who are in the UK, the delivery of their tickets is free and for anyone ordering from outside the UK, there will be some delivery fees. If you wish to change your booking, you would need to contact Attraction Tickets Direct and let them know you want to cancel your order, you will need to pay £25 to make any changes to your ticket bookings.

Returns and Exchanges

When it comes to returning your tickets, you can only do so if they have not been damaged, if they are up to their standard of quality, you can expect to receive a refund as soon as Attraction Tickets Direct UK get your returned ticket. However, customers to have to pay a fee for returning tickets, they start from being 20% of the price of your booking all the way up to 100% depending on how close your return is to the date of departure. 

For returns on theme park ticket booking, you would have to pay 20% of the original ticket price if it was 42 days or more until the date that the tickets would be used. If you wanted to return your tickets and receive a refund 28-41 days before the departure date, you would be charged 30% off the price of the booking. If you had left it from 14-27 days until returning tickets, it would cost you 40% off your booking price and for those wanting to give tickets back within the 13 day time frame of departure date, the company would charge you 50% of your initial booking price.

If customers want to return non-theme park tickets, the same rules apply apart from a few changes. Instead of paying 40% of your original booking price for returns made between 14 and 27 days, you would need to pay 50%. Returning any tickets that are not for theme parks within the 13 day period before the departure date would result in customers having to pay the amount that it cost them to book the tickets in the first place.


This Attraction Tickets Direct discount code just made your next adventure even better, but if you're interested in more deals, we also offer AttractionTix discount codes!


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