Sainsbury’s Discount codes and Vouchers October 2017

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Sainsbury’s are a supermarket store in the UK who are mostly focused on selling food items, although they do offer some electrical products and have an entertainment section of their website. But providing their customers with an unbeatable shopping experience is what they ultimately strive to accomplish. “Live well for less” is the company’s motto and they have stayed true to that by offering foods to customers that are healthy as well as cheaper and they will also regularly send you an e-voucher for Sainsbury’s discount code and you can use these codes once you are at the checkout stage to buy your products at reduced prices.

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About Sainsbury’s

Their website has a number of different pages where there are best deals and fantastic recipes that are all healthy and they use food items that you can buy from their store or website. Not only are the recipes healthy, they are affordable as Sainsbury’s wanted to show their customers that eating healthy and taking care of your body doesn’t have to be costly, it also doesn’t have to be boring. You really can live well for less when shopping with this company.

Sainsbury’s Discounts

Delivery Options

Customers who want to be able to have their orders delivered to them will be able to select this option once they are checking out their items online. However, you have to have spent at least £25 on your order in order for Sainsbury’s to deliver your goods to your address. So you may need to be mindful when it comes to using a Sainsbury’s discount code online.

If you have placed an order that is less than £40, you will need to pay a delivery fee of £7 but any orders made that have a value of more than £40 mean that you will be charged anywhere between £1 and £6.

You can also receive your orders for free if you spend more than £100 on your products and you have to book your delivery to be at your address on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at a time that is after 2pm. A Sainsburys discount code £20 off can be used on all orders regardless of the day you decide to have your items delivered to you.

Also, depending on your post code, you may not be in an area where the company will be able to make deliveries to you. Although, there are sometimes some trial periods where they choose certain postcodes to see how well they can operate with them and if you are within the postcode, you will be able to have orders sent to your address without having to pay for the delivery costs.

Customers who are not in when their orders are being delivered do not have to worry because the people making the delivery will simply put a note through your letterbox to let you know that you missed them. The card that they leave will also have information about how you can get in touch with Sainsbury’s to sort out another date to have your order delivered.

You may also find that the delivery drivers will get in contact with you to arrange an alternative time of delivery, but this will only be the case if you have left your contact information for them when making your order. If a Sainsbury’s promo code has been used, your discount will not be affected at all.


For anyone who finds that there is something wrong with their products, Sainsbury’s will be more than happy to accept it back for a full refund or an exchange. The exchange will only happen if the item is still in stock but you must contact them about sending an item back within 12 months after the date of your purchase.

If it has been more than 12 months and you want to send a faulty product back in return for a full refund, this may not happen, instead, you may just be given a partial refund. It really does vary quite a bit depending on the product, so you should contact them regardless to find out for sure as you may be able to get a full refund or have your item exchanged.

When it comes to the items that you want to return simply because it did not satisfy you, the company give you a total of 30 days to send it back to them. There are, however, some specific requirements and they include ensuring that you apply for a refund within 30 days after the initial purchase date and you must also provide some form of proof that you were the one who made the purchase. Whatever it is that you are wanting to return, you can do so at any Sainsbury’s store that you choose.

If they let you know that you are able to receive a full refund, they will send the exact amount of money that you had paid for the product, so you should be wary of whether or not you had used a Sainsbury’s discount code.

As an alternative to Sainsbury's, you can try Just Eat for healthy foods items.


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