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In 2001, a group of people found themselves wanting to get into the food business, however, they all knew that they were not going to be able to become chef’s themselves otherwise the quality of the food that they would sell wouldn’t be up to scratch. They understood that leaving the cooking to the professionals was going to be their best option as it allowed them to focus all of their attention into making the process of ordering a takeaway as easy as possible. Offering customers things like a Just Eat promo code is also something that they wanted to do in order to give people even better prices on their orders.

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About Just Eat

Just Eat are at the top of the food chain in regards to order of food being made online and delivered to their homes. They have established themselves in thirteen countries where they currently have a total of seven million members! Many restaurants and takeaway places have come to realise the potential of Just Eat and as a result, more than 30,000 of them have made the Just Eat services a part of their business.

Just Eat

Ensuring that the prices were also kept reasonable was a hard thing to do as they are operating through many different companies but they had managed to find a way. Customers can even benefit from applying a Just Eat discount code which enables them to receive fantastic prices on their takeaways.

A Unique Takeaway Experience

Customers are truly spoilt for choice when they are looking for what takeaways to order from via the Just Eat website or app so it is no surprise that their success has skyrocketed in recent years. Since the use of the internet and mobile phones has enabled the company to reach a much wider range of customers. The ability to make a takeaway order by a few touches of your phone, and have it all paid for, it an extremely appealing aspect to many people.

There is no need to have to speak on the phone to someone for long durations of time as you make sure that your order is completely correct, any of the awkward conversations that used to ensue in the past are gone. Just Eat have become the world’s most successful mobile and online takeaway delivery service and they are still on a mission to ensure that the process of ordering takeaways is improved even further than what they have already accomplished.

Just Eat are of the belief that ordering a takeaway should be an experience that people come to enjoy as the process is made to be as efficient and quick as it can possibly be. This is the main foundation of their business which they have carried with them since they started out and it also shows customers that they are the ones who come first. Therefore they will always be able to take advantage of deals that they are sent every now and then, like a Hungry House discount code.

Customer Service

Delivering on customer service that is of a very high rating is important for Just Eat as they simply want people to order their food in a convenient way that is also pleasant. Choice is something that all customers like to have and when they are using the Just Eat services, they are provided with endless amount of options to select from.

Everything from the broad ranges of foods and restaurants, all the way down to the payment methods, all of it is full of choices. For example, you can decide to pay by card online or by cash once the food is delivered to you; whatever is the most suitable option for you is, Just Eat will be able to cater to it. 

However, more choices doesn’t mean a higher price, in fact, a Just Eat voucher code can be used on all orders for better prices. Customers love the fact that Just Eat have thought about every angle when it comes to ordering food and their appreciation is clearly shown in the reviews that they leave.

More than nine million reviews are left by customers which can also be used as information by other people to see which takeaway option is going to be the best. When you have such a great experience, it means that you are going to be more likely to want to come back over and over again and you will even recommend the services to friends and family.

Without the excellent level of customer care that Just Eat take the time to focus on, they wouldn’t be as much of a renowned company as they are today. If you have been a customer for a period of time now, you would have likely received offers in the past, like a Just Eat discount code 2015, and they have plans to carry on with these special deals as long as they are in business.


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