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Today, Adidas are one of the most well-known brands in the entire world but at the beginning, this was not the case for the established company. They have always strived to do their absolute best, however, along the way, there were a number of ups and downs but no matter what, the company never failed to find a way to bounce back and when they did, they came back stronger and improved. 


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About Adidas

You can also now make use of offers such as an Adidas discount code that will enable you to receive your products at a reduced price. Their customers always come first and this is made clear as they only ever create the best items. They don’t want you to have anything that is less than the highest quality products available on the market and they have worked tirelessly for years to ensure that this remains the case for as long as they are in business.

Adidas Discounts

Adidas originated in Germany in a little town called Bavaria. Adi Dassler set out on a mission, in 1924, to create equipment that athletes could use to help them on their journeys to success and in the beginning, it turned out to be very successful. Gold medals were won by athletes at the likes of Jesse Owens and Lina Radke and that was just the start for the Adidas company.

However, a number of years later, in 1949, Adi Dassler decided to start again when he had reached the age of 49. It was during the first year that he had a total of 47 employees and it was also the time where he registered with a shoe that had the, now famous, three stripes on it, but this wasn’t something back then that had been established in the public eye as well as it is today so the business didn’t really take off for a little while. They also later had help from big retailers, such as Sports Direct to help them get their products more known.

1954 was when the Adidas company experienced their first real success and it came after they had developed football boots that had screw studs in them. They were also very lightweight which suited the players down to a tee as they felt as though they could be faster on their feet. They played a role in Germany beating Hungary in the 1954 World Cup as the German players were wearing their football boots and as a result, they ended up gaining a very positive reputation.

From then on, they have never once looked to stay complacent with what they have achieved, which is why they have their team of designers working behind the scenes to bring customers new and exciting products. Their standards of quality and pricing will not fluctuate much as they want to keep a good relationship with their customers, if anything, the quality will increase but the prices will not exceed what they think is reasonable for what people are getting. They may also email you promotions, like an Adidas promo code so that you can save some money on your orders.

 Delivery Options

Adidas usually charge flat rates when it comes to the cost of having products delivered but they may vary slightly depending on the address and the method of delivery. Typically, a standard delivery will cost you £3.95 but in some cases, you may be able to receive it for free. You can expect to have your items delivered to your address within three working days but this is something that may also vary depending on where you are living and how busy the company is with orders. So during the busier times, such as Christmas, it is usual to have your orders within 5-6 working days after you have made your purchase.

Customers who have had their items personalised will have to wait a little longer as it usually takes 1-2 days to have your product modified. So all in all, you can expect your order to take a few extra days before it arrives to you.

Redeeming an Adidas Discount Code Online

Their entire website is easy to use so that customers do not have to waste time trying to figure out how to use it because that is something that would detract from their shopping experience, so making use of your discount codes is also a simple process.

Add the items you want to buy to your basket and proceed to the checkout stage. Here is where you will find the details about your order as well as a place to type in your code and it is vital that you enter your Adidas voucher code exactly as you see it on the promotion.


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