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When the business was first created, by John Spedan Lewis, he had made sure to establish some foundations on which the company would use as a base for their growth. They wanted to show their customers a new way of living by bringing something new to change their quality of life, all their items were priced fairly and their customers can use things like a John Lewis discount code to receive excellent prices on their items.

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About John Lewis

Due to the fact that they had wanted to change the way that their employees went about living their lives, this was something that could easily be translated over to their customers. By working together effectively, it makes it a lot easier for John Lewis to share their message to everyone who purchases products from them. They understand that the only way for them to be able to make a difference for the future is if they bring as many people together who are of similar opinions.

John Lewis Discounts

John Lewis encourages the choices that you make to be more sustainable and they believe that having an open relationship with their customers is going to make it more likely for them to want to follow the company’s movement.

The way that John Lewis approaches running their business in pretty unique as they have ensured that the structure of their partnership has a very minimal effect of the environment. This is something that a lot of businesses just aren’t concerned with but John Lewis have committed themselves to making changes to the way they do business to make sure that they can leave a positive impact on the environment. Therefore, you can use John Lewis electrics that don’t cause as much harm to the environment.

One of the ways that they go about trying to get their messages across to their customers about how they should make different choices to affect the environment in a more positive light is by selling products that are more sustainable. On their website, you can find tips about how to buy products that are energy efficient as well as having the energy efficiency ratings explained in great detail so that you can be sure to know exactly what you are doing.

They also go a step further by supporting their local communities as well as communities which may be thousands of miles away from them. For example, the people who supply the company with their materials and so on may be located in areas that need a helping hand to improve the quality of life for the people living near the suppliers. So they are not just looking out for the people who need aid close by, their reach stretches out across the world to many different locations.

Redeeming a John Lewis Discount Code

Applying your coupon codes via the John Lewis website is an easy process as they want their customers to be able to take advantage of these codes in order to receive great prices on their products. Once you are satisfied with what you have in your basket, go to the checkout stage and you will find an area for you to type in your voucher code.

Make sure that it is typed in as accurately as possible and it must also still be in date, otherwise you will find that your John Lewis promo code will not work.

Delivery Options

For John Lewis customers who are living in the UK, they are able to choose from a number of different ways that they can receive their orders and they include the following:

  • Standard delivery – The majority of items will be sent to your address within 3-5 working days however, if you have ordered larger products, it may take seven working days for it to arrive. You will be charged £3.50 when selecting this delivery option unless you had spent more than £50, in which case, your items would be delivered to your address for free. Customers can expect to have their items sent to them between the days of Monday and Thursday anywhere in the time frame from 7:30am – 6pm.
  • Timed delivery – Anyone who would like their items to be delivered to them the next working day before the time of 10:30 am will be charged £9.95 and they must have made their order before 8pm the day before.
  • Next working day delivery – Those who select this delivery option will be charged £6.95 and this service is only available from Monday until Saturday. You can expect to have your order delivered the next working day between the times of 7:30am and 6pm. Any orders that are placed after the time of 2pm will be delivered to you within two working days.
  • Named delivery – If you wanted to specify a date with the company to have your items sent to you, they would charge you £6.95 and as long as you choose a day between Monday and Saturday, there should be no problems. The only times where this service may not be available is if you had purchased an item that was particularly large in size, but if this is the case, John Lewis would contact you to let you know.

When it comes to international deliveries, John Lewis can currently offer their services to 33 different countries so you may need to get in touch with them to make sure that the country you are living in is eligible for deliveries. Customers living in Europe will be charged £7.50 and those living outside of Europe will have to pay £10. No matter where you are living, you should be able to use a John Lewis voucher code.


Customers who are not completely happy with the products that they have purchased have a total of 90 days to be able to return their items, however, they cannot have used it and the condition that it is in must be good. If the company accept your item to be returned, they will start to process your refund straight away but it may take up to 14 days for it be back in your account.

You will also need to provide them with a receipt and if a John Lewis coupon had been used, this would be taken into account when they are refunding your account.


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