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Wightlink is a ferry company operating routes between Hampshire and the Isle of Wright in southern England. The company carries over 4.8 million passengers each year, and it is one of the largest domestic ferry operators in the UK. The company offers quick and budget-friendly options and if you have a wightlink discount code, you can enjoy massive savings. This company was established in 1991 and since then, it has managed to carve a niche for itself as a major player in the local tourism industry. The following is a look at some of the discounts that passengers can enjoy when they get their hands on a wightlink Voucher code.

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Wightlink Information

• Season ticket foot passengers from only £3.40 per sailing

Family day trip tickets from £37.50

• Up to 40 percent discount on selected fares

• Multilink foot passenger pass from £29.50

• Return travel to and from the island from £12.20

• Up to 40 percent off caravan fares

• Child return from £6.40pp

• Up to 25 percent off foot passenger fares

Return ferry and unlimited bus travel from £21.50

Wightlink Discounts

How to redeem a Wightlink promo code

Once you browse bargainfox.co.uk for a discount code, the first thing that you need to do is to click on it in order to copy the coupon code. Once you do that, you are taken to wightlink.co.uk where you can book your ferry ticket. You can book a journey and select a crossing that meets your requirements. You can also book any extras and then provide your details and then sign up or log in with your account. When providing your details, you will be given a small box at the bottom of the page in which to input your promotional code. Once you do that, you can pay a lower price through a secure payment portal and then you will receive a confirmation.

Foot passenger fares

If you’re travelling on foot, you’re welcome aboard and there is a variety of combination tickets including onward transport so that you can save money too. You can find out information about the fares for the following routes.

• Portsmouth to Fishbourne

• Limington to Yarmouth

• Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head

You can also find combination tickets, and the good thing is that you can find live timetables for vehicle routes by choosing your journey type, whether it’s single or return. You will also need to specify your travel date period. Once you provide this information, you can get your timetable so that you can plan your journey in advance. Christmas and New Year timetables are also available, and you can plan how to spend time with your loved ones during this festive period. And the good thing is that when it comes to paying for your fare, you can get a huge discount if you use a wightlink Promo code during checkout.

Why you should get a multilink pass

If you’re someone who enjoys tourism and travel, a multilink pass is the perfect choice for a mainland resident travelling regularly to the Isle of Wright and it entitles you to a defined number of single sailings. A multilink pass can also be used without a standby booking, but it is strongly advised that you book your travel in advance because standby travel might not be available during busy sailings. The good thing is that you can make advance reservations online and you can pay a lesser fee if you have a Wightlink discount code.

Routes and destinations

There is more good news for passengers because Wightlink provides information about routes and destination. You can have a look at your journey at a glance, including where from, where to and how long it will take. You can also learn what’s on board, and you can enjoy a spacious passenger lounge, observation desk and enjoy drinks and snacks at a café bar. And you can pay less money if you use a Wightlink Voucher code to pay for your fare.

Booking your ferry ticket

When it comes to booking your ferry ticket, the first thing to do is to book your passenger details. You can choose whether you’re traveling by vehicle or on foot. You also need to specify whether you want a single or return journey. If you’re traveling with a vehicle, you should specify the type of vehicle and its length and height. The number of people in the traveling pack should also be specified. The route details should also be specified, and you should also specify your outbound date and time as well as your return date and time. And when you book your fare, you can save some money if you use a Wightlink promo code during checkout.

Vehicles that can be carried

Wightlink offers a comprehensive deals and service to its customers and there is no vehicle too big or too small to be carried on the ferry. The next time you are planning a trip, you can travel with a personal car, motor home, van, minibus or lorry. You can also travel with a motorbike, trike or quad bike. If you have a trailer, you should specify this when you are booking your travel. When it comes to vehicle ferry fares, return tickets for a motorcycle, trike or quad bike includes standard return fare for £39.50 and day return fare for £35. You can also check out the fares for passenger vehicles by providing its length and height. And you can pay a lower fee if you have a wightlink voucher code.

Things to do

So when you are planning your journey, you can enjoy many activities and if you’re an outdoor person. The following are some of the many activities that you can indulge in when you travel with Wightlink:

• Action and adventure

• Nature and wildlife

• History and culture

• Events and festivals

• Cycling with the whole family

• Walking

• Golf

• Day trips

If you need more information about what is possible on your trip, you can contact the company and learn more. Remember that you can book your journey and manage your account by registering with Wightlink. You can also view your bookings and ticket pass status. So the next time you’re booking your trip, remember to use a Wightlink discount code.

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