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The Entertainer have over 100 stores all across the UK and their online store,, has even more! The great news for customers is that the company often sends out fantastic promotional offers with things like The Entertainer discount code. These codes can be redeemed which allow you receive a reduced prices on the items that you have ordered.

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About The Entertainer UK

The company has 30 years worth of experience in their industry, so they know pretty much all there is to know when it comes to toys. This gives their customers the reassurance that they can be trusted to provide them with the best quality toys at prices that are considered to be reasonable.

The Entertainer UK Discounts

Being experts in what young children like is their job as it concerns pretty much all of the items that they have on offer to sell. However, they need to do more than just know what to make available to customers, they also have to be aware of how to price products and give people an overall shopping experience that is positive. This means there is a combination of different things that has enabled them to become one of the UK’s biggest toy retailers. They know exactly what the kids want but more importantly, they know how to get the parents interested as well with the prices that they have set.

Catherine and Gary Grant are the founders of the company as they established The Entertainer in the year of 1981, where they began with a single toy store that was meant for the locals to be able to pop into and find great little toys for their children to play with.

Today, however, this is a very different story as the company has expanded greatly, but things like a The Entertainer voucher code will always be available, regardless of how big the business becomes. They have no plans of putting the brakes on any time soon as a new The Entertainer Store is being opened up every single month!

The Team

Their customer service team have been specially trained so that they are able to be in the position where they can help you out in any way that you may need it. A lot of parents may have questions about certain toys to make sure that they are suitable for their children to play with or they may just be wondering about how they can go about redeeming offers like The Entertainer promo code on the website. No matter what their queries may be, the amazing team of staff working for the customer services department will always be there to aid you.

The team working behind the company are the ones who make it all possible, especially because of the fact that they are a business that are now on such a large scale. They have over 900 members of staff who work in there 100 stores scattered all over the UK and when it comes to Christmas times, things become extremely intense.

More than 1000 members of staff need to be working in total over this holiday period in order for the company to be able to keep up with all of the orders. Being a toy company means that the Christmas holiday period is going to be a time where they become completely inundated with dealing with large amounts and quantities of orders but there is currently no The Entertainer discount code free delivery, even during these busier times.


One of the most important values to The Entertainer includes their donations and supports to charities. A big proportion of the profits made from this company go towards The Grant Foundation which means that they are helping out charities which mainly concern helping children in need. So customers shopping with this company can take pride in knowing that when they are buying their products, they are actually contributing to the company’s ability to donate to these charities and it doesn’t matter if things like a The Entertainer 5 discount code had been used as it all still counts as profit for them.

Being open on a Sunday is something that The Entertainer believe they shouldn’t have to do as they work tirelessly throughout the week to ensure that they are there for their customers whenever they may need them. Being able to have a day off during the week is important for the people working at this company as it gives them the chance to wind down which means that when they do come back to work, they are fresh and ready to go.

They are also only interested in selling toys that have value to them to make sure that customers are getting their worth for the money that they had paid for the items. Everything they sell has been tested over and over to ensure that they are 100% suitable for children to play with.


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