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Customers may receive offers, like a Smyths discount code, which they can use to take money off the items they are buying, which are largely going to be toy products. They are one of the most successful companies who sell entertainment items for children and they have their stores all across the UK. In total, they have currently opened 80 stores and they want to expand this number even further so that they can reach more people in different locations.

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About Smyths

Smyths have a pretty simple aim of providing their customers with a huge variety of products to choose from that are all priced at very competitive rates and this is also why a Smyths promo code can be applied. They understand and are confident in their ability to come out with products that kids will absolutely love, so they offer a countless number of toys, video games and bikes at low prices. They not only get how children work, they also know how parents do as well, which is why the prices on their items are so low in comparison to many of the other toy companies out there.


They develop products that cater to children of all ages. Their products range from ones that are designed for children in preschool to those in nursery but their collection of toys is never-ending and Smyths also wanted to be able to do more than just provide children with products that entertained them. The company also took the opportunity to offer items that promoted creativity and learning for children of all ages. Exclusive offers, like a Smyths voucher code, can be applied to all items regardless of whether they are for educational or learning purposes.


The idea of being in the position to give something back doesn’t just end at supporting young children and their abilities to learn, Smyths are also involved in a number of charities. They have made it a clear point to dedicate a part of their company to focusing on providing charities with support and they have currently nominated Children with Cancer UK, Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children and the Lauralynn Children’s Hospice.

Furthermore, the company takes pride in the fact that they have also made some very valuable contributions to the National Cardiology Unit being built, which is located at Our Lady’s Children Hospital in Crumlin. They have also managed to partner with Temple Street Children’s Hospital where a huge donation was made them to help them progress as much as they can during 2020.

Customers like the fact that Smyths are putting some of their money aside to go towards a good cause, even though their products are low in prices and you can still use offers like a Smyths discount code 2015.

Delivery Options

Customers who are living in the UK Mainland can choose from two types of delivery services. Standard shipping has a few different costs depending on how much you had spent on your order, so if your products came to a total that was more than £29, the delivery would be free. Orders that equal to an amount between £10 and £29 will mean that you will have to pay £2.99 to have them sent to your address. Placing an order where you have spent less than £10 would require you to pay a delivery cost of £4.99.

Express shipping is the other delivery option that you can select and it is free for orders that are more than £99. Items purchased where you have spent between £29 and £99 mean that you would be charged a delivery fee of £4.99, £6.99 is the cost for orders between £19 and £29 and £8.99 is the cost of delivery for those who have made orders that were below £10.

People making orders from the Scottish Highlands and Islands can only have their items sent to them via one delivery option, which is standard shipping. They can receive their orders for free as long as they have spent more than £29, however, if their products are very large, this free service may not be available and they would have to pay extra. £9.99 is the current price of delivering products that are larger but you may need to get in contact with them to confirm. Northern Ireland customers will not have to pay a delivery cost, provided that their orders are over £29, otherwise, they will be charged £4.99 to have their items delivered to their address.

Voucher codes will not work to reduce the cost of delivery, so if you had a Smyths discount code £5 off, it would only bring down the price of the items that are in your basket and not the amount that you have to pay in delivery fees.

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