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Skiset is a ski rental company that was established 20 years ago. The company provides skiers with state of the art ski equipment in over 400 holiday resorts. The company has 800 rental shops in different locations where clients can hire ski equipment at a cheaper rate. Skiers can enjoy discounted rates for quality equipment by redeeming a Skiset discount code. Skiset has a wide collection of skis and snowboards that skiers can hire at all rental shops. The company aims at reaching all its clients in their locations with top quality, safe and comfortable brands. In addition, the company partners with major accommodation brands in major skiing holiday destinations in the world. Hence, clients can find a holiday destination and book skis at the same time.

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About Skiset

Save money when renting skiing equipment

Skiset offers low rental rates and enables skiers to save more money through occasional discounts. The rental company introduces new discounts every month. Check the running promotions and offers before booking your skiing holiday to save some money. The discounts will enable you to book an adventurous holiday to any destination even for a large family. Some of the running deals at the rental company include:

Skiset Discounts

- Save 50% off when booking ski equipment online

- 5-10% discounts on selected items

- 50% off ski equipment

- 5% off discount on ski hire

- Up to 60% off selected ski rentals

- Get one free hire after 20 paid hires

- Special discounts of snowboards

- Get 10% extra after paying 20 hire packs

- Get promotional discounts and special offers after signing up for Skiset newsletter

- Discounts on large family packs

Get and redeem your Skiset promo code

You can enjoy huge discounts for ski rentals by apply a Skiset promotional code when booking for equipment. All discount codes from the rental company are available here at You can get a unique code for all offers listed on this website by clicking on your preferred offer. Skiset discounts change with time and hence it is advisable to check expiry date for each offer before getting any Skiset discount code. You can redeem your code in the following easy steps:

1. Visit and select your destination including the country, resort and shop in that location

2. Choose your rental dates

3. Click on the link indicate as “Do you have a promotion code?” Enter your unique promo code you copied from our site and then Click confirm

4. Select the ski equipment will require including snowboards and boots and add to your order by clicking the Add button.

5. Finalize your order by accepting the terms and conditions and providing your personal details.

Your order summary will include the discount applied. Click Finalise your order to pay the discounted rate. You will be required to provide your personal details and agree to take care of the hired equipment before proceeding to make payment.

Hire quality and comfortable ski equipment

Skiing with low quality equipment is risky especially when skiing with your children. Skiset is committed to provide the safest brands of ski equipment for adults and children. You will find sharpened, waxed, and dried equipment at the rental shops. The company has hired experienced technicians to inspect all equipment before and after use to ensure that clients are safe. Professional technicians handle any adjustments necessary to suit different clients. The company allows you to exchange hired equipment with more comfortable equipment in the same category.

Enjoy cheaper rates for ski rentals

Skiset’s rentals rates for all ski equipment are affordable. The occasional discounts apply to all rental shops and enable you enjoy a skiing experience with your family at a reasonable rate. If you have already chosen a holiday destination, find the nearest Skiset rental shop in your destination. You will enjoy discounted prices for adult and child ski packs when you redeem a valid Skiset voucher code. In addition, Skiset offers free professional advice to help you identify affordable skiing holiday destinations. The cheap rates make it easy and possible to book skiing holidays for a group, team, or family.

Find quality ski equipment in all major holiday destinations

One of Skiset’s commitments to its clients is proximity to all major resorts across the globe. The company has 800 rental shops, which are located in about 400 resorts. You can find a Skiset shop in all major mountain skiing destinations in Europe and other parts of the world. The availability of rental shops in different locations gives you a wide range of holiday destinations to choose from. The large number of shops enables you to ski in the nearest mountain in your neighborhood. You do not have to plan a holiday to a far destination to access quality and safe ski equipment.

Enjoy personalized service and advice at Skiset

Skiset has hired professional skiers and technicians to help clients select ski equipment and skiing destinations. If you are unsure about the best equipment to hire, simply contact the rental company. You will find professional instructors that will direct you to the best resort within your budget and advise you on snow conditions in that area. Professional skiing advice ensures that you enjoy your skiing experience and with the right equipment.

Collections and cancellations

Once you hire ski equipment and pay the rental fee, you can collect the equipment from the selected rental shop on the day that your rental starts. You can also collect it on the previous day by 5pm if the equipment is available and ready for collection at the rental shop.

You are required to inform the rental shop in case you will be late in collecting your rented equipment. Skiset makes all equipment available for hire 24 hours after the rental date indicated on the voucher if they are not collected. The company does not compensate the renter in such cases. You can only collect rented equipment from the ordered shop, which also appears on your voucher.

The renter is responsible for all rented equipment throughout the rental period and must return it in good working condition on time. Skiset allows renter to cancel their orders within 14 days after receiving the confirmation email. You must cancel the order in this period before the collection date on your voucher. The company refunds the rental fee in the same method used to pay for the equipment. You can cancel your order after collection or after 14 days in case of holidays, sickness, poor weather conditions, or accidents. The company has different policies for calculating the refunds in each of these conditions. Don't forget to use Skiset discount code and save money while purchasing quality equipments.


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