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The Robert Dyas company was established more than 140 years ago and all the owner needed at the time was £5. That is the amount that Robert had to invest in his business to begin with and his first shop was set up in 1872 in the city of London. Nowadays, customers can buy items from the store at very affordable prices and they can even make use of things like a Robert Dyas discount code to get percentages off their products. Considering that the company started out with so little and have made it to where they are today, they only felt it was right for them to sell their items at prices that were fair so that they could appeal to more people.

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About Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas himself passed away in 2002 but before that, he had made sure his company was up and running and by the time of his death, he had a total of 18 stores across the UK and the business was left to his grandsons and sons. They ran the company well and carried on the road to success that their father had put them on and this led to them begin brought out by Theo Paphitis in the year of 2012. He is a big time investor who is known for being on the TV showThe Dragon’s Den”.

Robert  Dyas Discounts

The company had been through a lot of events that could have quite easily made their business fail, but they didn’t give up and their pursuit for success is what has led to their success to this day. The economic depression was one of the main heavy-hitters that were responsible for causing some major setbacks to the company. Whatever the case may be, the people running the business were always prepared and they learned a lot from each setback which enabled them to be stronger than ever before, they’ve always had the intention of offering great products at great prices which is why you can use a Robert Dyas discount code in store.

Skip forward to today and Robert Dyas are a retailing company who sell mostly homeware items and they are constantly looking for the best ways that they should approach offering their customers some of the best advice and products to make homemaking an easier process. They do not want to be selling their customers items that are not of a high quality due to the fact that they understand the importance of good quality items when it comes to making your house come to life. You are going to want things that are durable as well as innovative and that is what Robert Dyas have committed themselves to providing you with; and on all of them you can receive a Robert Dyas 20% off.

They sell items that are meant to be put into a modern household and they are aware of just how gruelling of a task this can be. The levels of stress when thinking about what products to buy and which ones are going to suit certain rooms and so on can be overwhelming, which is why the Robert Dyas company are always striving to make your process of purchasing homeware items as convenient as they can

Anything that you could possible think of when it comes to having items in your house is covered by the company. They have electrical appliances, gardening items. Home office equipment, glassware, china and DIY items; no matter what it is that you need, you can be sure that Robert Dyas have it for you. When it comes to assuring the quality of products, customers can also be assured that the company is trustworthy as big branded items are sold through Robert Dyas, such as Kenwood, Richards, Vax and those were just a few of the very many brands that you can buy from this company.

Their customer service is something that they are very proud of because they have ensured that all of their staff are trained in being able to offer you any guidance you may need when making decisions on your homeware items. They are also there if you simply want some advice or extra information about certain products and how to use particular bits of equipment and so on.

Redeeming a Robert Dyas Discount Code

They have made sure this is an easy process because, as we mentioned before they want to eliminate any of the stress that comes along with buying homeware items by making the process as straightforward as possible. When you have decided on the items that you are happy with, you should then go to the checkout stage and this is where you can put your coupon codes to use.

You will see lots of special deals and  information based on the price of the items that are in your basket as well as the delivery options that are selected but below all of this, there will be a box where you can enter your Robert Dyas voucher code. Make sure that it’s in date and that you enter it correctly and there should be no issues. 

Delivery Options

Anyone living in the UK can choose the following delivery options:

  • Standard delivery – Orders take between three and five days to arrive at a cost of £3.95, but anyone who spent over £50 can get their deliveries for free.
  • Next day delivery – Make an order before 3pm on a working day and your item will be sent out the following working day at a cost of £4.95.
  • Saturday delivery – Place your order before 3pm the day before to receive your items on the Saturday and you will be charged £25.

A Robert Dyas promo code can be used to receive discounts on your delivery prices.


As long as it is within 28 day after your purchase had been confirmed, you can send your items back to the company and the products are your responsibility to send back. Therefore, any damages that are caused to the items will likely mean that the company will not accept your items for a refund.

If they do accept your returned items, the company will notify you that your account is in the process of being fully refunded and the amount of time that this may take may vary but your account should have the money back in it within 30 days. Remember to use Robert Dyas discount code and save money while purchasing different items.

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