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Odeon were established in 1930 and they have climbed their way to the top over the many years that they have been in business. The company is one of the largest and most successful cinema chains in the UK and it is a cinema company that pretty much everyone in the UK knows about. The famous Leicester Square cinema is owned by Odeon and they have been able to host more than 700 of some of the most talked about premieres of film ever since their company was founded.

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About Odeon

Ticket prices during the 1930’s gave customers good value for their money as they were one of the highest quality cinema chains in the entire country. Even to this day, the company want to be able to provide customers with cinema tickets at prices that are affordable and they also send out promotions, like an Odeon discount code to people who have been loyal to them. They want to give as many people the opportunity to experience watching films in the cinema as that is ultimately the way that they were always meant to be seen.

Odeon Discounts

When they launched their first cinema in Birmingham in 1930, they made it a point to customers that they were not just coming to watch a film, they were coming to experience it. Odeon had the vision of making the trips to cinema more exciting as they believed that film should be celebrated in an event type of way and they have always been able to show their films in the highest quality. This is due to the fact that they are never a step behind when it comes to the technology that is used in the cinemas, so everything from the sound, picture quality and even seating was taken into a lot of consideration. The prices are also taken into consideration as you can save 20 off Odeon tickets with some deals!

Being fanatical about film is one of their sayings and it is true. Their entire company is fuelled by their love for film and it is something that is at the centre of what Odeon do. They never stop looking for the best ways on how to make their customers’ experience even better, so if there is ever a new piece of technology that comes out that they feel as though could enhance people’s experiences, you can be sure that they will be working tirelessly to make it happen.

They are already pushing the boundaries of cinema and the experience that you can have watching a film. Their IMAX cinemas give customers the chance to watch films on the biggest screens available in the country with sound that is impeccable. Over 100 speakers are installed in their IMAX cinemas and the screens are like none-other you have ever seen before with the largest one being the BFI IMAX which is based in London and it is the biggest screen in the UK.

Their loyalty schemes are a major success as they are the cinema chain in the UK that has the most amount of member. Their Odeon Premiere Club has managed to gain more than two million members! By signing up, it simply means that you only have to pay a certain amount each month to have the ability to view any and as many films that you want. The value for money here is extraordinary so it is no surprise that no other cinema chains have been able to compete with Odeon, especially because they also offer their customers discounts, such as an Odeon promo code.

More Than Just a Cinema

A cinema screen is just a part of what they offer to people as they have a lot more available that customers absolutely love. Not only do they provide you with the standard popcorn, sweets and soft drinks that you would expect from a normal cinema, they even have a Costa Coffee present at a lot of their branches. Some of their locations even have a cocktail lounge where adults can enjoy a few drinks and completely unwind before the film begins because that’s what it is really about. Going to the cinema, for many people, is a fantastic way to be able to escape reality for a couple of hours, so what better way to enjoy it than with some drinks?

Redeeming an Odeon Voucher Code

If you have been given the opportunity to be able to use a discount code of some sort, you can do so pretty easily when you are booking your cinema tickets through the Odeon website. The way that they have laid out their website ensures that it is pretty simple to follow and you can make your bookings with ease.

You simply have to select the film that you wish to see and as you proceed further you will be asked which location you would like to watch the film as well as information about what dates and times your showings are on. Your codes can be redeemed at the payment section of booking and you should take into account things like an Odeon discount code O2 as they can only be used at their venues.


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