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iSubscribe are a magazine distributing company who were introduced to the world in the year of 2000. They had the goal of giving their customers the choice to pick from a massive collection of magazine subscriptions at low prices, they can even use an iSubscribe voucher code to get prices reduced even further. Their services are available to people in the UK who can get access to them through their website and so far 1 million customers have made subscriptions. And on many of these subscriptions have been made with great discounts so customers have been able to receive great deals when signing up to the subscription service.  

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About iSubscribe

One of the fundamental reasons as to why they are in the position to be able to offer their customers such excellent deals is due to the fact that iSubscribe works candidly with more than 370 publishing companies. They want to make sure that you are given the widest range of subscriptions to choose from as well as receiving them at a great price no matter what the magazine that you have chosen is, which is why customers are given the option to use things like a iSubscribe voucher code.

iSubscribe Discounts

Speaking of their huge range of magazines, they are not the only things for sale, you can get your hands on newspapers as well and all in all, there are upwards of 2,500 options that you can choose from. There truly is something that absolutely anyone can pick up and enjoy from cars to fishing; they have it all.

iSubscribe also ensures that the way their customers pay for their magazines or newspapers is completely safe. You can pay securely by using your debit card, credit card, Amazon account, Direct debit or Paypal, whichever one you decide to use to pay for your subscriptions, you can be assured that your transaction will be protected as the payments made are PCI safe as well as the fact that iSubscribe never keep hold of any of your card details.

This company likes to think of their subscription services as also being something that could be a fantastic gift for friends and family as it would be a little bit more of a unique present. Especially if you give them magazines based on topics that really interest them and it would not just be a one-off gift, the subscription would last over a period of however many months you want it to so this makes it even more of a unique gift to give. iSubscribe cashback can be made but it depends on your situation so you would need to speak with them directly to find out if you could do this as it may not be available for gift purchases.

iSubscribe does not just want to stop offering their services once you have made your order, they want to ensure that all of their publishers are sending out the appropriate magazines each month without fail. If customers do experience any issues, they are urged to get in contact with the company who will help you to find a solution to the problem.

Their main concern is customers’ satisfaction. If they are not completely happy with the service that they have been offered, the company would want to know this so that they can improve your experience. They have a team of devoted customer service staff who will always be there for you to talk to if you had any queries whatsoever. 

Redeeming an iSubscribe Discount Code

If you do happen to have a voucher code that is valid and can be used for this website, you can do so once you have chosen which subscription service you would like and have reached the checkout stage. You will see information that includes things such as a cover from one of the issues of your publisher, the price, quantity, the amount of issues, the amount of time you will have these issues delivered to you for and the price. Amongst all of this however, you will find that there is a box where you can enter codes such as an iSubscribe voucher code happens to be and the price that you are paying for this service will be decreased.

Delivery/Shipping Options

When ordering an magazine, and some newspaper, subscriptions, iSubscribe offers free delivery, this may vary slightly for some of the newspapers as it depends on the publishing company. However, for customers who make a gift card purchase, they will have to pay £2.99 for each card that has been ordered. A huge advantage to getting your magazines through this company is that you will receive them before they are even available for sale in the shops, furthermore an iSubscribe voucher code can even be used!

The delivery times are as follows:

  • Weekly publications - Customers will have to wait between 2-4 weeks before they receive their first delivery.
  • Monthly publications - You would be urged to wait for 4-6 weeks to have your first delivery however, depending on the publishing company, you may even wait to wait a couple more weeks.
  • Bi-Monthly publications - You would be told that your delivery would be made within 6-8 weeks.
  • International delivery - Between 10 and 12 weeks is when people abroad could expect to have their first delivery.
  • Special offers - It usually takes six weeks for these orders to be delivered but if you had received a free gift with your subscription, it would arrive to your address  individually instead of with your initial delivery. So you may be waiting a few more weeks for your free gift to turn up.

For customers who want to change their subscription from the one that they are currently on to a different one, iSubscribe is not able to carry out this request for you. Also, if there are any customers who are wondering about whether or not their magazines are going to arrive as it has gone past the date in which they should have been in their possession, you are told to get in contact with the publishers of the magazines themselves. This is because of the fact that iSubscribe does not personally deliver your items, that process is primarily handled by the publishers of the magazine or newspaper who you brought from.

When you receive your order, be aware that you will be given the next issue that is currently available, which may not be the ones that are being sold in the shops as of yet. So your first issue that is delivered to you may be a little ahead of time compared to the ones in the stores.


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