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Instant Print is a company is in the practice of printing and designing leaflets and flyers; currently, they are striving to be the best in their business. As a result, they have decided to invest in advancing their electronics to try and give their customers the most outstanding prices, where an Instant Print voucher code can even be used, while simultaneously offering a higher quality of service

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About InstantPrint

On particular orders, you can get artwork for free, they have a vast array of different types of papers so that you can pick the most suitable one for you in terms of quality and price. Customers are able to track their deliveries so that they are aware of where they are on their journey to their address, so they are given a piece of mind that their order it on its way. As we voiced earlier on, Instant print are always investing in the latest technology to put them ahead of the game when it comes to printing so you can be guaranteed that the prints you are buying are going to be done with leading technology. furthermore, the price for customers never skyrocket and you can take advantage further by using an Instant Print voucher code. You will never be in the situation where you are caught out by hidden costs as they do not exist with Instant Print, you pay for exactly what you see, simply give them your artwork and they will get to work on your order.

Instant Print Dicounts

Also, due to the fact that they specialize in the printing and design business, it means that the amount that it costs them to launch their machines is not as high as it may be for other companies. Another one of the things that they do to guarantee that their customers are only offered the utmost best prices is by keeping a range of papers for you to choose from however they do not take requests for any type of paper that is not already in their inventory. Otherwise it would cost them more to get this sorted out for you which would of course lead to a more expensive price which against what they are trying to do, instead, they’d rather offer you a Instant Print gift voucher or other types of discounts for competitive prices.

This online printing company is more than happy to get in contact with their customers. They actually encourage them to give them a call in their working hours, which are 9:00am-8:00pm during the weekdays from Monday to Friday. They will listen to any of your queries, whether it be about your leaflets or flyers or you if were wondering about something that is on their website, they will consistently do their best to support you in any way they can.

Delivery/Shipping Options

Instant Print are one of the only online printing companies who go that extra mile to be available to customers to deliver 24 hours. If you make an order that is more than £75, your delivery is free but for any other orders, you will be charged a total of £4.99 and your package will be dispatched the following working day. However, this may not be the case for people who live in certain areas of the UK, you may have to wait an extra day for your package and for customers living in Guernsey, Jersey and Republic of Ireland, Instant Print do not deliver to these locations anymore. As far as international deliveries are concerned, Instant Print unfortunately do not offer their services to those who are abroad.

A courier service that delivers items to you the following day is the company’s main method of delivery and they have a fixed price for all orders, regardless of the amount of products that are purchased in a single order. Customers have to pay a delivery fee of £4.99 for each order no matter if there are 25 leaflets, or 10 and for the most part, it takes them around a day to complete your order and then another day for delivery so you should be prepared to wait around two days as it may take them a little longer to work on orders that are much larger in scale.

Tracking your package is a feature that not all companies offer but Instant Print want you to know exactly where your order is at the different stages of the delivery as well as being able to use a Instant Print free delivery voucher on your orders. You will be sent an email that contains information about the details of the dispatch as well as a tracking code that you use on the website of the courier.

If you are not present when the courier company delivers your package, a note will be put through your door to let you know that you missed them and that they will be back in a couple days to try again. If you are not in for the third time that they try to deliver your order, it will be returned back to the company and you may need to get in contact with them to schedule another delivery time.

Redeeming an Instant Print Voucher Code

Once you have selected your product details in terms of the amount of copies and the type of paper, there is a section where you then need to upload your artwork so that they know what to have printed on the paper. Your delivery cannot be approved until you have done this and there will also be information about your order summary that includes the cost of your delivery, the item price as well as the VAT. But you should take note that the VAT is already included in the price of your product. Below all of this there are a couple of delivery options as well as a section where you can apply things like an Instant Print voucher code to get excellent prices on high quality items.

Customer Service

Instant Print want their customers to have the best possible experience every time that they make an order. Therefore if you find that your order is not what you had expected or there is something wrong with it, you are urged to give the company a ring and they will work with you to get the situation worked out as soon as they can.


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