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Habitat have been around since 1964 when Terence Conran and a few others decided that they wanted to bring something completely new to London. Homeware that was contemporary was something that hadn’t been seen in England at the time and they felt as though they needed to take advantage of the huge opportunity that was there.

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About Habitat

The prices were always affordable which is why nowadays, you may have the chance to use a Habitat discount code to receive great offers on your orders. The company sends out these codes every once in a while to give their most loyal customers a way of purchasing their products whilst being able to save some money.

Habitat Discounts

Two years after they launched, their very first catalogue was published and it gave people a mini preview of the new types of products that they were going to be having in their store. Their sales were consistently rising at their first store, so in 1966, they decided to open up another store in London which made their company available to more people.

In the same year, they also made the choice to send their items by post to customers. This meant that people from up and down the country were now able to get a hold of some of the fantastic home ware items that Habitat had to offer.

Delivery Options

Habitat offer their customers a number of great delivery options that vary in prices that will be different depending on where you are living as well the size of the products you have decided to order. A Habitat discount code will not work to reduce the cost of delivery as those discount codes only work to bring down the prices of the products that you have in your basket.

The delivery costs for customers who are living in the UK Mainland and Northern Ireland are as follows:

  • When it comes to having small products and home accessory items delivered to your address, you would have to pay a delivery fee of £4.95, however, if you had spent more than £50, your delivery can be made at no extra cost. So if a had been applied that brought the price below £50, you would still have to pay the £4.95 for delivery.
  • For the bigger items, such as furniture, the delivery cost is substantially more as you have to pay a delivery charge of £9.95. Customers who spend over £500 on their order will not be charged a delivery fee.

For the customers who are living in the republic of Ireland, the cost of delivery is significantly more. Home accessory and smaller products mean that you would have to pay a total of £12. If you have ordered furniture or any other larger products, the cost of delivery would be £135 and there is no option to be able to receive your orders for free, regardless of the amount of money that you had spent on your items.


Habitat do accept items to be returned to them however you do have to take note of a few of the regulations that they need to be able to accept your item for a return. If you have followed the guidelines that they have set out, there should be no problems in being eligible for a full refund for your product. Even if a Habitat promo code had been used on it, this should not affect whether or not they accept your item for a refund.

First of all, the quality of the item should be high enough to where they can tell that it has been taken care of. If they do not feel as though you have taken fairly good care of the product, they have the right to refuse your item for a refund.

Also, if you have had items that have been customized in any way, you will not be able to send it back to them for a full refund unless you had made a cancellation to your order at an earlier date. Customers who have purchased their products online, through the Habitat website, will not be able to bring their products into a store for a refund. Instead, the company will make the necessary arrangements to have the product collected from your address.

For those who have been able to receive a refund for their products will also be refunded the amount of money that they had paid for delivery, provided that they had selected the standard delivery service. However, if deals like a Habitat discount code had been used, you would be refunded the exact amount of money that you had paid for the products, that includes if the price you had paid was discounted in any way.

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