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Gousto is a company that is completely open about having an unrelenting passion for the food that they provide their customers with as they only use ingredients which promote a sense of excitement and they want the same feeling to correspond over to you. Not to mention the fact that there are even things such as a Gousto discount code allowing customers to receive great prices for food that is high in quality. One of the values that this company does not hide is their transparency in terms of their suppliers as they only work with suppliers who can give them produce that is unlike anything you can pick up at your local supermarket.

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Gousto Information

As a result of their commitment to only using the best ingredients, customers are able to shop from vegetables, fruits and meats that are all organic and Gousto have even been rewarded by the Compassion in World Farming by receiving an award known as the “Good Egg”. So you can be eating food that tastes fantastic and even at discounted prices by using things like a Gousto £25 discount One of the most prominent reasons as to why they were so successful in winning this award was because they only use meat concerning animal welfare regulations and their open support for this movement.

Gousto Discounts

Being convenient is one of the major selling points for Gousto. They clearly state that they want to be a service for customers to use where everything that they need for tasty meals is included in a single box and on top of this, you are able to have it delivered right to your door. The meals that they provide you with are not only tasty but healthy too so you can be sure that you are taking care of yourself whilst eating great tasting food.

Redeeming a Gousto Discount Code

Discount codes are offered to customers every once in a while and they are all related to the prices of the products that have been purchased, they will not take any effect on the amount that you are charged in delivery fees. If you have used some type of code that gives you a certain percentage off your total price, it is only allowed to be used once per customer and you can only use them for your orders that you have made online. Any codes that have been used are unable to be used as a cash transaction and if there are any customers who happen to have more than one Gousto discount code, you will not be able to apply multiple codes to a single order in most cases. This can only be done if they have clearly stated it to you.

Delivery Options

When it comes to the delivery options, you can decide to have your order delivered to your address on the following days:

  • Mondays.
  • Wednesdays.
  • Fridays.
  • Saturdays.

The times in which you can expect to have your order delivered to you on those above days is between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm and they are unable to be able to send orders at more specific times because of the fact that they are currently working with a courier service that is external. All orders that are placed through the site are free, which is why if you used a Gousto discount code, it would have no effect whatsoever on the delivery fees as there are none, no matter the size of your order. 

Customers who are concerned about not being home to receive their deliveries do not need to worry because Gousto will ask you in advance a safe place where they can leave the delivery and for the majority of the locations in the UK Mainland, they will be able to deliver to you. However, there are some select areas of the country which exempt the company from being able to send you items but this is something that they are currently trying to figure out so that they can soon reach more and more people across the UK.

If there has been any delays to your delivery, you are urged to inspect the ice packs to make sure that they are still frozen enough to have kept your food delivery fresh. If your order contains meats and fish, the company advises their customers to use a thermometer and make sure that the maximum temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. For anyone who feels as though their food is not 100% fresh due to the late delivery, Gousto would want them to contact them as soon as possible so that they can get to work on sending out another delivery to your address.

For any orders that have been made which are particularly large, you can expect the Gousto to send you the different items on different occasions rather than receiving it all in one go. Also, the dates of deliveries that we have mentioned above are only estimates so it may not be an unusual thing for your order to be delivered to you a day or two later than you expected. This is because once your food items have been sent off the courier service, it is no longer in Gousto’s control, it is then up to the courier company to get it to you on time. But having said that, you will still be eligible to make complaints directly to the company that provided you with the food in the first place.

Order Cancellations

Customers who feel as though they want to cancel their order are only able to do so provided that it is within 14 days after the date of purchase. You will be refunded the price that you paid, so if you used a Gousto discount code, the discounted price is the amount you would be paid back. However, for anyone who has received their delivery and wishes to cancel it, you must get in contact with them and let them know through the specific services that they provide you with through the site. You can choose to send an email, letter or fax message to them describing the reasons as to why you wanted to make a cancellation on your order despite the fact that it had already been delivered to you.

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