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Glasses Direct have built quite a fantastic reputation over the years for being one the best retailers in glasses in the whole of Europe. Customers can choose from a wide variety of different glasses so that they are able to pick out the ones which suit them the best. A Glasses Direct discount code can also be used on all items so that customers have the opportunity to get cheaper prices on products that are very high in quality.

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About Glasses Direct

For anyone who was searching around for glasses that are at a very affordable price, there is no need to look any further than the Glasses Direct website. Even for people who are simply looking to upgrade their spectacles, they are offered this service as well and speaking of services, they offer the same ones that you find in your local opticians in terms of being able to purchase prescription glasses. They also take it a step further by making custom sunglasses that are created for your eyes only and a Glasses Direct discount code can be used on all orders.

Glasses Direct Discounts

This company is very confident in the fact that they have an outstanding team of customer service representatives who are all willing to assist you in way necessary. If you had any queries about your order or you simply wanted to speak to them about prices of glasses and prescriptions, they are there to answer any and all of the questions that you have. At the end of the day, all they want is for you to have chosen the glasses which you feel are the finest option for you, not only when it comes eyesight, but style as well.

The way that this company came to be is quite an interesting story. It begins with a guy called Jamie who found out he needed glasses but when he visited the opticians, he was met with a price that scared him off. (This is one of the reasons as to why Glasses Direct UK wanted to offer low prices, they wanted to appeal to more people) .Therefore he decided to take some time and do his own research about what materials go into making a pair of glasses as well as the overall cost; he was shocked to discover markup for most glasses being sold was enormous.

He wanted to be able to offer something that the majority of people would be able to afford without having to worry about their bank balances decreasing by anywhere near as much compared to the standard price that was set by many optician companies. Jamie set up his own little lab and started to get to work from home with help from friends and family. Within no time, they were receiving copious amounts of calls about their glasses to the point that what started out as a small-scale business venture, turned out to be something that needed a lot more time and effort to be poured into it to keep up with the demand.

Soon enough it was time for them to start to hire a small team of people to be able to keep up with the massive workload that was coming in on a consistent basis. They had a customer service advisor to ensure that all of the calls that they were receiving were being dealt with properly, a finance manager was also recruited to keep track of the money side of things and it was then time for them to make a real name for themselves.

A PR agency was used to help them promote the business and Glasses Direct was established properly from then on and it was all uphill from there and they are forever looking for ways to expand as a company.

Redeeming a Glasses Direct Discount Code

The company wants you to be able to buy the cheapest glasses around without the quality decreasing, therefore you can enter you promo code when you have made it to the checkout stage in the box provided. You can only use a discount code once per order; if you had two to use, only one of them would count so it would be beneficial to save the other one for your next purchase.

Delivery and Shipping Options

It will take seven days for most orders to be delivered to your address however if there are purchases that are a little more complicated, you may have to wait a little longer than this. Glasses Direct will send you an email to confirm that they have received your order and that it is being dispatched, if you have waited any longer than 14 days for your glasses to arrive, make sure to contact them and let them know about the situation. Their customer service team is there to help you in any way that you need it and as of right now, there is no Glasses Direct code free delivery option.

Royal Mail is the main company with whom they partner up with and they are the ones who are in charge of getting your order delivered to you once they have picked it up from the Glasses Direct Warehouse. Deliveries to customers who are residing in the UK costs a total of £3.95.

International delivery is an option that is now available to more than 20 countries across the globe, all they would need to do is select their country in the checkout stage as well as their address and they would only have wait around 10 days to receive their item. Orders take 3-7 days to be dispatched so customers who are abroad may have to be a little patient, especially if their order is more complex.

Customers who are living in Europe are charged a delivery fee of £7.50 and for people making orders from outside of Europe, £15 is the delivery price. A Glasses Direct discount code cannot be used to get discounted prices off deliveries, only the products themselves.


For people in the UK wanting to return their glasses, for whatever the reason, must do so within 14 days on the purchase and you need to have sent them back the product within 30 days since the initial purchase date. The glasses that you return have to be in the same condition you received them in and all of the accessories must be included in the package when you send it back.

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