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Gardening Direct were established in the year of 1996 and ever since they have been on the upwards spiral of quickly becoming one of the best companies in the UK when it comes to supplying plants to customers through the mail. To get lower prices on products, you can make use of a Gardening Direct discount code. Today, they have gained a total of one million customers who have all been drawn to buying young live plants from the company because of the fact that they offer their products are very low prices. However, people also know that the quality of the plants they are purchasing are going to be excellent, the company has gained the trust of their customers and that has led to their success.

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About Gardening Direct

They don’t just sell the usual types of plants that you can find at a lot of stores, there are a unique range that customers seem to be intrigued by and they can use a Gardening Direct discount code to receive lower prices too. Gardening Direct also sell accessories for your garden such as hardware and so on which gives you the opportunity to be able to get the most out of their gardens. This company cares about gardening a lot, and their customers appreciate this as they know that they are buying products from a genuine company who has a passion for the same thing that they do. Great quality plants are offered to customers but they are not ordinary, in fact, a lot of the time the plants you purchase have been grown in greenhouse conditions right up until they are packaged up and sent to your address.

Gardening Direct Discounts

There a lot of people who feel as though buying products from Gardening Direct is a pleasant experience which means minimal problems arise when they are looking to try and make improvements to their garden. Great offers such as a Gardening Direct discount code can also be taken advantage of. They have an enormous catalogue of plants in which you can take a look at to pick out the perfect plants to add to your garden.

More than 130 million plants are sold each and every year by Gardening Direct and for the most part, they are grown in nurseries which are owned by the company themselves, so they are taking care of them from the beginning right up until a customer buys them. This gives a sense of reliability and trust with the company as there is a great deal of care that has been put into every single plant and Gardening Direct customer services are always there to answer any of the questions you may have.

Purchase Guide

As we briefly mentioned before, their catalogue is huge and offers customers a great deal of plants to choose from, varying from some of the most popular ones to the most unheard of and unique garden pieces. A lot of the time, with the more unknown items, you will not be able to find them at some of the major garden centres and when you are buying from Garden Direct, there are three sizes of plants they can choose from. All of which a Gardening Direct voucher code can be applied to.

Small plug plants are ones that are between 4-8cm in height and they are the ones that are going to give customers the best value for their money. They are recommended for people who want to have a lot of plants in their garden as it is cheaper meaning they can buy more and get their worth. Medium plug plants are between six and ten cm in height and they should carry on growing for around two weeks after the purchase before laying them out in the garden. Their largest selection of plants are great for customers who have a lot of time on their hands as they require more effort to plant due to their size, which is between 7 and 11 cm tall. You do not have to wait to plant them, it can be done as soon as you want. When the plants are sent to you, they are packaged in a unique way to ensure that they are not damaged in any way and instructions for how to grow them is also included in the order.


The company believes that their customers should not have to pay more to have their products delivered to them, therefore, Gardening Direct discount codes free delivery is offered to people who are in the UK and Northern Ireland. This delivery service is free all the time and customers are assured that there are no hidden costs, the price that is attached to your item once you get to the checkout stage is the price that you are going to be paying.

For anyone who has made multiple orders, their plants may not be sent to them all in one delivery. Sometimes they get dispatched at different times which means that they will arrive at your address on different occasions and they also have to undergo quality inspections. If the company feels as though the item that has been ordered does not reach their quality standards, they will not dispatch it, so some customers may be waiting a little longer for their delivery but it means that they can be 100% sure it is top quality.

The earlier you make your order, the quicker you are going to receive it. So if you wanted to have your plants with you towards the start of the season, you need to make sure that you purchase them well ahead of time otherwise other people are going to get ahead of you, pushing you further and further down the line in terms of priority.  

Returns and Exchanges

If you are not completely happy with your goods or they have arrived to you in a damaged condition, you have 30 days from the date of the initial purchase to let Gardening Direct know. You can either ask to have your item exchanged from something else or you can get a full refund.


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