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Find My Past is a genealogy service which claims to hold 2 billion records pulled from various sources over hundreds of years. If you’re from the UK, you can expect to find lots of information about your family and ancestors using this service. The information can range from your ancestor's birth records, military records, migrations, imprisonment by the enemy, contributions and achievements, death, etc. The service has helped a lot of people build their entire family tree running back to 1600s. And what’s even better is that Find my past allows users to save on all their services through the use of find my past discount codes.

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Find My Past Information

The company is privately held and and its online services business was founded in the year 2003 by Annelies van den Belt. Findmypast was originally formed by a group of genealogists in the year 1965 and its online services was started as '1837online' in 2003. The business, which has its headquarters in London, is currently owned by DC Thomson and employs 100 people.

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If you are looking to save money on your Find My Past subscription, you are at the right place. Our staf here at does everything in its power to find all the best deals on Find my past services. Choose from any of the Find My Past Discount codes below.

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Using Find My Past Website

Since there a lot of information available on the website from the 2 billion records that the company hosts in the UK alone, it can get a little complicated to find the information that you are looking for. Also, since the website has a number of sections for finding each of the different kinds of information about their records, users have been found to seek assistance from its customer support constantly. To get the maximum use of Find My Past from your subscription, you can start with making a note of all the information you already have about your family's history. This information can range from all the names of the ancestors that you already know, their employment, details of their migration, available military records, etc. While Find My Past can pull out a lot of information about all the people who lived during a particular period with a certain name, it can difficult to actually match the person you're looking for. This is where the information you have already collected can come into great help.

It is possible that your ancestor either died in the military or emigrated from the country during or after the world wars. Therefore, in case you are not able to find the records of a person you are looking for, you can broaden your search to include Overseas and Military records in the results.

Try Find My Past’s New User Interface

Find My Past introduced a new user interface for their website. This change has received mixed reviews from their subscribers and some said they found it to be confusing and complicated. While Find My Past defended the change telling users that the new user interface in fact helped new visitors find the information they were looking for faster and easier, they still received a lot of criticisms from several notable magazines and TV show hosts across the country. While Find My Past have not rolled back their decision to change their User Interface, they have promised to respond to customer feedback better and introduced measures to receive customer opinion on their website.

Free Trial and Returns

Find My Past has a Free Trial during which you can use almost all the features of the website for 14 days after giving them your credit card information. After the Free Trial expires, you will be charged for the find my past subscription deal or as per the pay-as-you-go plan that you had chosen previously. As per the return policy of Find My Past, they have a cooling-off period of 14 days from your card having been charged for you to change your mind about your order. You can cancel your order during this period for getting a full refund but after this period, you can only cancel your subscription for the next billing. This is applicable on all orders, including those used with a find my past discount code.


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