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Cadbury’s have been making chocolate for people to enjoy for almost 200 years now, so let’s take a look at how this enormous business started. John Cadbury opened a store in 1842 where he sold items such as chocolate and cocoa which he had actually learned how to make himself. He always wanted to sell them for the best prices, which is why you can use a Cadbury discount code nowadays. Also, John had a strong belief in the fact that chocolate was something that could be consumed by people as more of a healthy alternative to drinking alcohol.

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About Cadbury

During the year of 1831, John Cadbury decided to open up a factory where he started to make his chocolate to sell on a larger scale compared to the amount of people who were purchasing the chocolate from his small shop. The warehouse in which he based the factory was far more spacious than what he had ever been used to; there were four separate floors. This expansion has led them to where they are today and they want to be very competitive, which is why you can apply a Cadbury promo code.

Cadbury  Discounts

The year after he had opened up his warehouse, he had developed lots of different kinds of drinking chocolate as well as having a variety of cocoa options for his customers to choose from. Clearly up scaling was something that was working well for his business due to the fact that he had more room to be able to experiment more freely.

A few years later and John felt as though it was time that they carried on trying to expand, further and further. Therefore they relocated to a different factory on Bridge Street which was even bigger than their first four storey building.

It may seem a little strange to say but back, before the late 1840's, there were no such thing as chocolate bars in Britain. The ingredients that made up the country’s first chocolate bar included cocoa and sugar as some of the most important ingredients, which to us doesn’t sound too tasty, but back in those days, it must have been delicious.

Fry and Son were the first company to start producing chocolate bars like this and in today’s world, we are used to buying Cadbury’s chocolate that includes a whole variety of different things like fruit and nuts.

The Brothers Takeover

When the year of 1861 came around, John started to have some serious health issues which led him to retire from the business. His two sons, George and Richard were now responsible for running the company and they were both very young and inexperienced when their father retired and left the business to them. One of them was just 21 years old and the other was 25.

Despite the fact that they were not completely new to the business, because of the fact that they had been working there for some time, there is quite a big difference in simply working at a company compared to running one. A number of cocoa manufacturers were beginning to go bankrupt and the two brother feared that the Cadbury’s business would end up in the same boat. That is of course not the case for the company today as they can even afford to offer customer a Cadbury discount voucher to be taken advantage of with their chocolates.

However, both brothers had invested in the business with money that their mother had given them; £4000 was the amount of money that they had put into the company. This did help to keep them afloat but they did struggle to get back firmly on their feet as the beginning few years proved to be extremely challenging. Considering the fact that it was only two brothers who were trying to run the company, it meant that each of them had to take multiple roles to ensure that their livelihood survived. This meant that they had to work, tough, long hours.

Then, in 1866, something new was introduced. They developed a brand new technique of processing their chocolate therefore they were able to offer customers of the UK cocoa that had not been unadulterated. Cocoa Essence was the name of this new product and customers responded positively to it. However, there was a major issue with it and that was the fact that the buttery taste had to be covered up by other ingredients as there was just way too much of it. The brothers came across someone called Coenraad Johannes van Houten who was able to extract the butter out of the beans, which would make Cadbury’s job easier as they would no longer have to add other ingredients to their chocolates. Also, if you were wondering, you can have them delivered to you but there’s no Cadbury discount code free delivery that can be used.

They decided to take the huge risk to purchase the machine that squeezed the butter out of the beans and the reason as to why the risk was so high was because they had no idea as to whether or not it would work and they were running out of money. It turned out to be one of the best decisions that they could have possible made to take them a step further but it also helped them to revolutionize their industry. That gamble was one of the major stepping stones that made the business what it is today and they have carried on making these types of improvements time and time again. 

Redeeming a Cadbury Discount Code

This cannot be done directly through the Cadbury’s website due to the fact that they do not deliver their chocolate bars, instead, they are sent through supermarket companies such as Asda and Morrison’s. The company which delivers your Cadbury’s item depends on a few component, first of all, option will only show up that are currently stocking the bar that you want. Secondly, it may just come down to personal preference as to which supermarket you want to deliver your item. Redeeming your Cadbury voucher code is pretty simple once you’re at the checkout stage, just make sure to enter it correctly and be aware of the fact that it can only be applied to one order. 

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