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Whether or not you have actually experienced a great seaside holiday at a Butlin’s Resort, chances are you have certainly heard of coupon Butlin's Limited , a British institution since opened by Billy Butlin in 1936. But all those years of experience do not translate into old, tired resorts. Butlin’s certainly keeps up with the times and invests millions to keep their accommodation beautiful and their spaces spectacular. 

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About Butlins

When planning your next venture away from home, be sure to take a look at what Butlin’s offers. From family holidays to adult music weekends and work conferences, Butlin’s is expert at delighting people with a purpose! If your time is limited, you can even spend a day at a Butlin’s to spend a day of rest and quietude relaxing by the sea.

Butlins Discounts

Great coupons and deals

You can use a Butlin’s promo code to get a great deal, or if you don’t happen to have a code you can still make great savings at Butlin’s. In fact, Billy Butlins’ middle name must be ‘Special Offer’ with three main tabs on the Butlin’s website, the middle one is—you guessed it—Special Offers. Click on the tab and you can see a page full of discounts and savings for all three Butlin’s resorts (Bognor Regis, Minehead or Skegness). Savings include free meals, special holiday breaks and breaks that include great free entertainment shows. They also have a current deal where you receive £25 off any 2020 break. Whether you want to book a special deal holiday or get great deals using Butlins discount codes, you will experience the greatest affordable getaway you could imagine!

Billy’s not silly!

Way back in 1936, Billy Butlin opened his first resort, and things have only gotten better from there! In a sense, a holiday at Butlin’s is kind of like being on a luxurious, expansive cruise ship without having to queue up to go onshore. Featuring a range of choices for dining, you can try fine dining, causal café food or family buffet restaurants as you please—without leaving the resort.

Butlin’s offer codes to make your stay just that much better. Why pay more for a great break when there is no need to? You can also keep costs down by selecting the right break for you. For example, if you only want somewhere to sleep, you can book a room only. Or you can choose an apartment if you prefer, with a kitchen where you can cook your own meals and a dining room and living area. Or perhaps you prefer to stay in a beautiful new chalet? You also get great choices for meals—if you want! For example, you can take out a dining plan for buffet-style breakfasts and dinners or you may prefer a premium dining plan or a food court plan—great for families.

Do you happen to work for the NHS? If you do, you can get great savings exclusively for you using the Butlin’s discount codes NHS. You don’t work for the NHS? Don’t worry! Butlin's offers exclusive discounts for many UK organisations and companies for their employees and members in the UK. Go to Butlin's and click 'Find a break'. You will see a drop down box and you can have a look for your company or organisation. Whatever your profession or company, be sure to find out if there is an exclusive discount for Butlins—there are many!

How to use Butlin’s discount codes

For any discount code or voucher number you have for Butlin’s, once you have decided on your purchase, just enter the code at the booking stage. Many codes have expiry dates, so be sure to check before you book. Also, some codes can be used with other savings, so be sure to read the fine print as you plan your trip—that way, you can maximize your Butlin’s savings. Using Butlin’s voucher codes is as easy as that!

Amending or cancelling your Butlin’s booking

Butlin's is there to help if you need to make changes to your original booking, whether you want to extend your stay, change your dates or change names/add guests to your booking. Please see Butlin’s website for all the information you need to change a booking.

If you need to cancel a holiday you have booked with Butlin’s, the following charges apply if you do not have insurance:

  • Cancel 56 days or more before start of break: loss of deposit only
  • Cancel 55 to 43 days before start of break: 40% loss of holiday cost
  • Cancel 42 to 29 days before start of break: 60% loss of holiday cost
  • Cancel 28 days or fewer before start of break: 100% loss of holiday cost

However, Butlin’s makes your booking worry-free by offering very reasonably-prices insurance (£20 - £25, see their web page for details)to cover most cancellations due to illness, an accident or change in circumstances. If you don’t take out Butlin’s insurance, they unfortunately cannot refund any loss due to cancellation of your booking. Butlin’s recommends either purchasing their insurance or taking out another policy to cover you—just in case.

Use coupon Butlin's Limited for more saving!            


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