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Audible Inc., is a producer and seller of audio related entertainment and education content online. The company was founded by Don Katz in the year 1995, in Newark, New Jersey, where the company still operates from. One of the goals of the company is to allow readers to save money on physical books, so they make an Audible UK coupon available to their clients.


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About Audible

The beginning of Audible

The company introduced a digital audio player, to play its content in the year 1998 - this makes Audible a predecessor to Apple which introduced its iPod digital audio player in the year 2001. The device was a failure as was its content production business whereas its audiobooks sales kept growing.

Audible Discounts

This made the company an attractive target for traditional booksellers as an acquisition, considering its market share in the audiobooks segment., Inc bought the company in the year 2008 for US$ 300 million. Audible's entire catalogue is available for sale on iTunes Library as well as

Audible remains a subsidiary of and specialises in selling audiobooks and audiobook subscriptions. Similar to, the company has localised versions for every country they operate in. is localised for the UK and contains only the audiobooks that the company is authorised to sell in the UK.

Audible Discount Codes

One of the main selling point of Audible is how affordable their selection of audiobooks is. To make these deals even more attractive, Audible releases tons of promotional codes to its subscribers. Here are some of the UK Audible promotional codes available:

  • Free 3 month trial for Prime Members + 1 Free Audiobook every month.
  • Free 30 day trial + Free Book
  • 50% Off for first 6 months.
  • First Audiobook for free
  • 2 Months Gold Plan for £0.79 only

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Other Promotions users get their first audiobook for free which they can play for an unlimited number of times on their devices. Also, prime customers of get the first 3 months for free as a trail. No Audible promo code needed to avail this offer.

Want to save on books? Go Audible!

The audiobook subscription costs £7.99 per month which allows you to borrow 1 book every month. A subscriber gets 1 credit every month and most of the books on the website cost 1 Audible credit each. However, the price of some popular credits can go upto 3 credits each and some less popular titles are available for one third of a credit. Subscribers can also buy any of the available titles at 70% of the normal price. has over 200,000 titles in all categories including crime, comedy, biographies, etc. Every audiobook available has a preview feature, using which you can preview the book online using the 10 minute sample provided. And you can get them all at a discounted price thanks to a promo code from BargainFox.

Support for every device

Audible's audiobooks can be played with the Audible mobile application that is available for Android, iOS and Windows based mobile devices. You can also listen to your audiobooks from your browser using Audible's cloud player.

Audiobooks can also be downloaded to computers and be played using devices that support AudibleAir capability.

Check out Aubible’s brand new app

The Audible mobile application, available for the most popular mobile devices have the following features built-in:

- You can buy and download your audiobooks to your device over Wi-Fi or mobile network. This negates the need for you to download your audiobooks to your computer and manually copy the files from your computer to your mobile device.

- Background listening while using other applications on your smartphone.

- You can earn badges and also keep track of your listening habits.

- The application connects to your facebook and twitter account to share your audiobook title with your friends and followers.

- Get the latest information from the authors you follow, your favourite books and the upcoming releases from a personalised News Feed on your Audible application.

Delivery and Returns

The audiobooks you buy are delivered wirelessly over to your mobile device where you have installed your Audible application. You can also choose to download your audiobook in Audible's proprietary .aa format and play it on any devices that support the AudibleAir capability. Due to the DRM restrictions that come with the audiobooks, it might not be possible to burn the audiobook files to CDs.

Audible has the simplest return policy possible for all your purchases. You can return any of your purchases, at any point of time, with no questions asked, at the click of a button. There is no need to explain the reason for the return at all. All returns are eligible for a full refund or an exchange for the same price. Please remember that if you used a Audible UK coupon upon checkout, you will be refunded for the discounted price, not the original one.


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