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The Rattata struck with a stinging blow. It was my first face-off against a Pokémon and I failed miserably. What did I do? Look for the best Pokémon Go guides on the internet?

In this article we list all the best guides on the internet. The guides that have turned us from complete novices into serial gym owners.

If you have come across any other helpful guides and tips or have any feedback/ suggestions on how to improve this page then please get in touch at info@bargainfox.co.uk.


Gameplay Index

Game Play

Beginners (Level 0-5)

The basics

Brand New to Pokémon GO? Let's get you started with the best beginners tips and basics! Learn how to get started, the best way to log-in and how to make sure your steps actually count.

Kotaku.com - Tips for Playing Pokémon Go
Tipsandtricksfor.com - Pokémon Go Game Guide
Touch Tap Play - Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide
Vulture.com - 8 Essential Pokémon Go Tips

Get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon

Our friends were insanely jealous when they saw our Pikachus. Forget Bulbasaur, forget Charmander and forget Squirtle - be the cool kid Prima Games - How to Start with Pikachu

How to catch the Pokemon every time

I was going through pokeballs at a rate of noughts before I tried this technique. Never waste a pokeball again! Prima Games - How to Throw Pokeballs

Master Pokemon types to master the game

Just as I thought I was on the verge of capturing a gym my Arbok got caught out against a Diglett. I had no idea poison Pokémon were weak against ground type Pokémon. Learn from my mistakes and never be caught out again with this handy guide. Prima Games - Pokémon type battle chart

Early game (Level 5-10)

We’re past the basics, It is time to be the VERY best. Learn how to up your XP and catch stronger pokemon.

Up your XP fast!

Want to get as much XP as fast as possible? Be smart with your candies!

You get 500XP points evolving a Pokémon no matter how many candies you use or what level they are so get evolving.

Prima Games - Gain XP Quickly
Polygon - Maximize your XP

© Polygon

Pokecoins - battle to fame and fortune

I was facing up to a Snorlax and just as I went to try and catch it I realised I was out of Pokeballs and out pokecoins. The chance was gone. This changed my strategy. Always have pokecoins and always have pokeballs.

The best way to do this is to take over and defend gyms. This way you can make up to 100 pokecoins a day.

The real hustle: PokeCoins and how to get rich quick. Prima Games - Get more Pokecoins

Fighting Smart - Think Like a boxer

My first gym battle was a disaster. It was hectic attacking and I was dead within seconds. Play smart, think like a boxer. Dodge, weave, look for an opportunity and then land that killer blow.

Fight like a PRO and take it all with these tips: Prima Games - How to win battles

Catch crazy numbers of Pokemon by Tracking

Be methodical and use the nearby feature. We were running about aimlessly but by making best use of the updated tracking system we were soon catching loads of Pokemon.

How To Use New Green Grass Tracking System

Make your life easier - Unlock the best items

Life gets a lot easier on level 12 when you unlock Great Balls and again at level 15 when the Hyper Potions become available. Here is a list with all unlockable rewards. Prima Games - Player Level Rewards

Keep the Pokémon in the crosshairs - AR-mode

Once we turned off AR mode life became 10 times easier. Not only does the battery last longer but the Pokémon stays in the middle of the screen instead of jumping about left and right. Turning off AR mode makes it sooo much easier to catch Pokémon.

Here is why it is better to turn off augmented reality. Polygon - Turning off AR Mode

Mid-Game (Level 10-15)

At this point you’re a pretty solid player who knows a thing or two. We’ve got the basics down and it’s now time to be smart to power up quickly and catch stronger and rarer Pokémon.

Understand Combat points to make your pokemon super strong

Especially important to understand for your starting Pokémon. Make sure you build up its power as you progress through the game or it soon becomes a waste of space.

Double combat points in no time! Prima Games - How combat points work

Catch different varieties and types of Pokemon

Pidgey after pidgey and diglett after diglett. We were getting sick and tired of seeing the same Pokémon over and over again until we took a trip to the beach and started seeing water Pokémon.

Our advice is to get out and explore different landscapes. Here is a list of where to find which type of Pokémon.

How to evolve Eevee into Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon

I was a good fire Pokémon away from a well-rounded set of Pokémon and ready to take on the world. I was praying that my Eevee would evolve into a Flareon but I had no clue how to get there. Save yourself the frustration by renaming your Eevee to get the Pokémon you want.

See how this works

How to hatch more eggs, more quickly

We wanted eggs to hatch and we wanted them to hatch quickly. So, we jumped on our scooters and went for a ride. Turns out anything over 12mph doesn’t work. Our next solution was a bicycle. Go for a gentle ride and you can hatch more eggs, more quickly. Just remember to keep the game open!!!

Polygon - Hatching Eggs
Prima Games - Best Way to Hatch Eggs

Make best use of your Items

Razz berries and incense are life changing combination. Use the incense to lure Pokémon towards you and feed them a razz berry to befriend them. At this point catching them should be a doddle.

Here is how you use your items in the most effective way

Late-game (Level 15+)

At this point we were really on top of our game but we were starting to hit a brick wall. The higher the level you get the more difficult it is to power up. These tips helped us get out of our funk.

Dominate Pokemon Gyms in your area

Our tactic is to use gyms to make money. However, this means leaving a Pokémon to defend it. It’s a fine balance between having a strong team to attack gyms and being able to defend gyms. Follow these guides to get the balance right.

Prima Games - Gym Battle Guide
Polygon - Gym Guide
Polygon - Free Pokecoins

Getting XP - late game

It’s called stardust for a reason. This is the most important tool at your disposal. You can earn stardust but you cannot buy it with pokecoins or real money. Only use it on a Pokémon that is better than you have had before. We have friends that have frittered it away - don’t make that mistake!!!! OUr advice is wait till you are level 15 at the very earliest.

Giving yourself an XP boost later in the game: Making the right use of lucky eggs and stardust

How to really catch them all

You almost got them all, just a few more left. But where to find them? Should you start to save your money for some flight tickets or can you catch all Pokemon without leaving the country ?

Find the answer here

Avoid bugs, glitches and save battery while playing Pokemon Go


Thankfully the game is pretty good. Occasionally we lose some items and need to logout and log-in again. Also, there are issues with the game freezing now and again but for the most part it’s pretty reliable. .

If you have any issues, here is some help.

How to save battery while playing Pokemon Go

I am in the middle of the woods and spot a wild Gengar. I am about to catch it and my battery dies...now I kinda want to die too. With the tips down below this probably won´t happen to you :)

IGN - Data Usage Tips
IGN - Battery Usage Tips
Prima Games - How to Keep your Battery Charged

News & Trending Updates

Latest Pokemon Go News

The Hall of Fame

Nick Johnson: The first player to catch them all

Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson became the first Pokémon Go player to publicly confirm that he had caught all 142 unique Pokémon that are currently available in the United States. Read some tips from the pro himself.

Use Google Maps to find Pokemon

Using google Maps to find Pokemon

Trying to track down Snorlax and can’t find him anywhere? Check out PokeRadar. Players submit when and where they caught a Pokémon. You can see all results on a google map and even filter by the Pokémon of your choice.


Extend your playtime for HOURS with a Power Bank

Purchases of Power Banks to charge smart phones are skyrocketing alongside the popularity of Pokemon GO. Unless you have a monster battery in your phone, and even then, you should get a powerbank. Don’t be surprised if the store is a little short supplied!
Amazon ShowTop 10000mah
Amazon Bestoss 10000mah
Amazon Vinsic 120000mah

Poke watches

Catching a Pokémon while not using your smartphone: Welcome to Pokémon GO plus. Their a Top Seller, and currently sold out. Sign up to our email list and get notified as soon as they are back on the market.

Pokémon Go - Plus Watch
IGN - Pokémon Go Plus Watch

The Best Smartphones to Use

While the test was made with the WiFi off, it still provides a good graph of which smartphones are better than others.

If your smartphone battery is 3,000mah or better consider yourself lucky.

Phone Cases

Need a little help aiming? Now the less dextrous among us have a solution - a 3D-printed phone case

Or buy a case with a built in battery. Great for iPhones.


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