Internship in South East Asia - Potential Asia

Potential Asia is offering internships for business and/ or marketing students. This opportunity is not for the corporate type. Potential Asia offer the opportunity to work for a start-up as a digital nomad throughout South East Asia in places such as Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Bali, Indonesia. Interns will be working in the field of Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, and Digital Marketing. Interns will also do a bit of project management and administration. Prior knowledge about any of these fields is ideal, but not required. 

The internship will last for six months, but we are flexible and could provide internship programs for a shorter or longer period. Duties and responsibilities include planning a marketing and SEO strategy, communicating with the development team and designers, deciding, planning, and managing marketing campaigns, communicating internally and making sure the team operates autonomously, and researching data. Interns are also expected to contact bloggers, write and review blog articles, answer emails, coordinate with the offshore team in India and with freelance writers.

To apply, email a CV and covering letter to [email protected]  


  • Work with and learn from professionals with years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Enjoy a very flexible work environment
  • Opportunity to explore a South East Asian country and travel the region
  • Join a weekend trip with the whole team once every 3 months to a different location each time in Bali
  • Get to know and work with great people from other parts of the world
  • A young multicultural team and an informal working environment 
  • Customized internship and challenging assignments
  • An office with a swimming pool

Key Facts:

  • Location: South East Asia (Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, VIetnam, Philippines)
  • Subject Areas: Marketing, Business, International Business, Journalism, Social Media, Project Management, Search Engine Optimisation
  • Length: 6 months (Flexible)
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate - currently undertaking undergraduate degree
  • Devices: Laptop - you are required to bring your own laptop for this position

To apply, email a CV and covering letter to [email protected]  

Application Process:

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Resume
  • Written Application
  • Typically The Application Process Time is 1 week

About Potential Asia:

Potential Asia is an offshoot of Potential UK. Potential UK started 6 years ago in United Kingdom, and as of 2016 it has more than 60 employees. Potential UK is an incubator, which invests in online tech-related start-ups.

Since 2015, the team of Potential UK started a new venture: Potential ASIA. Potential ASIA implements the success of Potential UK in Asia. It specializes in Search Engine Optimisation and related technologies.Due to the current success, and investors willingness, Potential ASIA plans to double its projects in new territories.

To apply, email a CV and covering letter to [email protected]  

Sep 19, 2016